2018 Teakle Auto Sprint locked in

Ready. Set. Go again. The Port Lincoln Teakle Auto Sprint will return in 2018. 

The race will return in 2018.

The race will return in 2018.

With another $20,000 funding from the Port Lincoln City Council, the event committee has agreed to commit to the event again next year and then hold it biennially.

Event organiser Hagen Zerk said the team had to ensure everyone and every business nearby was on board again and they were all “very supportive”. 

He said there would be a slightly improved track layout and there were some pretty exciting new features to boost the one-of-a-kind street race next year. 

“We would like to have some big screens and maybe some times displayed of what competitors got.”

He said many of the proposed projects would depend on the levels of future funding and sponsorship such as the idea of having a bridge or two over the tracks to allow spectators easy access to all viewing areas. 

“It's still early stages but we've made the commitment that it's going to happen.”

Mr Zerk said early interest was already coming from inaugural competitors with mention of competing in purpose built cars next year. 

“Some of the big teams that came over this year are actually building purpose built cars this coming year.”

Mayor Bruce Green said he was very excited to see the event return and hinted at the fact people might see him on next year’s track. 

“Having a run would be a dream – that may not happen but it would be great.”

He said he was even looking for a potential vehicle to acquire to hit the track. 

“That’s a dream...I’m just looking forward to seeing the community enjoy it.”