Bushfire management plan seeking community opinion

Bushfire management plan seeking community opinion

The CFS Bushfire Planning Management Unit is seeking community input for its Upper Eyre Peninsula Bushfire Management Area Plan.

Planners want community members to contribute their local knowledge to the plan to help reduce bushfire risk across the region.

The Upper Eyre Peninsula plan would identify assets at risk from bushfire and prevention strategies to reduce the risk to those assets and the broader landscape, but should not be seen as an operational fire-fighting plan.

CFS Western Eyre group officer and Ceduna District Council governance manager Mark Hewitson encouraged people to get involved.

“Bushfires are part of Australian life and hit somewhere every year – we’ve had our share this way, most recently in 2014,” he said.

“This is an opportunity for people to look at the plan, see what it says and provide comment.”

Mr Hewitson said the plan had been compiled “to the best of our ability”, but public consultation would allow for a different perspective.

He said identifying key assets would assist the CFS in combating a fire.

“It is about identifying key and critical pieces of infrastructure, because if a communication tower was burned then communications go down,” he said.

“This involves councils throughout Eyre Peninsula and is a coordinated approach to identifying high and medium-risk assets.

“Key infrastructure such as water tanks going to Nunjikompita and communications towers are all located on a map so if there’s a significant fire in the district we know the best way to combat it.”

Mr Hewitson identified allotments along Denial Bay Road as an example of a medium risk and said a plan in place can help prevent the spread of fire to or within a property.

The plan has been developed by the Upper Eyre Peninsula Bushfire Management Committee through engagement with local councils, CFS volunteers, land managers and other stakeholders – now community input will assist committee members in deciding on the inclusion of additional assets or changes to treatment strategies.

The feedback would contribute to the overall goal of improving bushfire safety in the region.

People can get involved with the online discssion at https://yoursay.sa.gov.au/discussions/upper-eyre-bushfire-management-area-plan-discussion-1, or can send a submission either via email to CFS.BushfireManagementPlanning@sa.gov.au or via mail to 'Attention of CFS Bushfire Management Planning Unit', Postal PO Box 2468, ADELAIDE SA 5001.

For more information on the bushfire management planning process go to http://www.cfs.sa.gov.au, or contact via CFS.BushfireManagementPlanning@sa.gov.au or 8363 4151.

Community input is open until the end of July.

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