SA lifejacket rules could be strengthened | POLL

STRICTER lifejacket conditions could result from consultation on the state’s on-board lifejacket rules. 

The state government and the Boating Industry Association announced it would be consulting with the community on whether the requirements should be strengthened late last month.

All vessels operating in South Australian water are required to have lifejackets on board for each person and it is a recommendation that children 12 years or younger wear lifejackets while on-board. 

Among the options being considered are adopting New South Wales standards which require lifejackets to be worn  on vessels under 4.8m at night, in open waters, and when boating alone; by children under 12 years of age at all times in a vessel under 4.8m, and in an open area of a vessel 4.8m to 8m while underway.

Also being considered is a switch to Victorian lifejacket requirements where in most situations everyone on board is required to wear a lifejacket at all times in vessels up to 4.8 metres and at times of heightened risk in vessels between 4.8 and 12 metres. 

Boating Industry Association chief executive Howard Glenn said good boating was safe boating and it was important to get the life-jacket wear rules right. 

“Getting people on small boats in those states to wear lifejackets, through a combination of education and regulation, has made boating better, safer and encouraged more people to get on board,” he said.