Holman’s 8-ball style pays off at Cummins

WINNERS: Division one winner Liz Blacker, runner-up Leah Carr, division two winner Chris Koch and runner-up Claire Holman.
WINNERS: Division one winner Liz Blacker, runner-up Leah Carr, division two winner Chris Koch and runner-up Claire Holman.

Cummins golf

The cool and stiff breeze whistled around the fairways last Wednesday at the Cummins Golf Club for the Cummins Chemist Stroke event, the third round of the International Bowl and the third round of the putting competition.

Handicap breaks from the week before were announced before play.

Congratulations to Liz Blacker, Chris Koch and Tiff Firth for making their game that little bit harder for themselves.

Judy Holman putted like she was playing 8-ball on one of the sand scrapes.

She arced the ball up high, bounced it off the sand cush and dropped it nicely into the cup.

The northerly headwind made players pause at the 17th and reconsider their club choice to get over the creek.

One player pulled out her Big Bertha driver so she would make the distance against the wind. It proved to be a good choice.

The breeze did not seem to have an effect on the day’s tallies that were presented to the tee stewards to confirm.

The Cummins Chemist Stroke division one winner was Liz Blacker with 95/71.

Runner-up went to Leah Carr with 93/74.

Chris Koch’s purple patch was confirmed with another cracker round with her division two winning 102/71.

Claire Holman was runner up with her 103/73.

The International Bowl Bronze winner was a tie with Koch and Blacker both on net 71.

The Eyre Travel Nearest the Pin (NTP) ball for division one went to Leah Carr on the 17th where she had a tidy birdie as well.

Joan Nelligan won the Forbes Furniture NTP ball for division two on the tricky seventh.

Nelligan’s golden putter played true as she chipped in on the 15th from a goodly distance away and Liz Blacker had a very lovely chip in on the 11th.

Novelty for the day was the total number of putts on the par threes.

Leah Carr’s putter was in form for a total of six putts for division one and Claire Holman with Chris Koch tied with only five putts apiece.

Tomorrow’s match is a stableford round with Leonie Phelps and Judy Holman on tee duty and Chris Koch as hostess.

On Thursday, July 20 the Cummins Golf Club has a junior coaching clinic from 9am to noon with Tom Kenny.

Any budding golfers, from novice to handicappers, are more than welcome to attend, from the age of seven and up and if the junior golfer has their own sticks can they please take them.

Please register interest with Tiff Firth on 0428 762 931.