Ramblers cement top spot

Great Flinders netball

Ramblers def Cougars 60-41

LADDER leaders Ramblers consolidated their position on Saturday, beating second-placed Cougars by 21 goals.

Cougars came out firing, moving the ball quickly, to get the first four goals.

Cougars’ mid court in Jessica Green and Abbi Dahlitz fed their goalies well, with goal attack Lisa Smith barely missing a shot.

While Ramblers were caught behind, they managed to peg back a couple, with a difference of only one goal at quarter time, 12 to 13.

Cougars continued their strong, quick game, with Smith being a dominant target.

Morgan McDonald, centre for Ramblers, was with her opponent every step of the way, in a great tussle of two talented players.

Defenders Amelia Dahlitz and Zoey Phelps were tight on Ramblers’ goalies Abby-Lee Burrows and Mikaela Richardson, making them work for every possession.

The tides turned in the third quarter, with Ramblers scoring the first eight goals...

The blood rule for McDonald forced a swap between her and wing attack Aimee Pedler, as Ramblers struggled to stay with the Cougars side. Cougars increased their lead to four by half time, 26 to 22.

The tides turned in the third quarter, with Ramblers scoring the first eight goals unanswered.

The Magpies team lifted exponentially, with McDonald and Pedler increasing their intensity and drive in the attacking end, and goal defence Lisa Richardson and wing defence Whitney Wright upping the ante in defence.

Ramblers came into the third quarter break with a decent lead, 44 to 31.

Cougars put the first goal through the ring for the final quarter, but Ramblers were relentless in their pressure over the ball.

Mikaela Richardson and Burrows were a class act in goals, driving strongly into the circle, and shooting accurately.

Lisa Richardson, Wright and goal keeper Laura Hall were pouncing on any loose balls, giving their team a strong finish, 60 to 41.

Incentives: Ramblers’ Morgan McDonald and Cougars’ Amelia Dahlitz.

Tumby Bay def Eyre United 48-40

It was a sunny, but cool day when Tumby Bay hosted Eyre United for the second time this season.

The first game saw Eyre United have a big win against the Blues but Tumby turned the tables and took home the points this time around.

This game saw a lot of fill ins for each side and it was the game where the younger players had to step up and step up they did, especially for Tumby Bay.

Alex Stratford made her A grade debut alongside big sister Stacey Curtis in goals and Gemma Horgan played her first game in the blue and white.

Tumby started well and made use of plenty of turnovers they were getting from Somma Cave and India Copland in defence.

Eyre United tried to force it too much into the ring and was making it hard for their goalies Hayley Masson and Tamika Rehn who was filling in from Ports Netball Club.

Tumby Bay took an early lead 14-8 at the first break.

Eyre United made plenty of changes for the second quarter bringing on Deb Flavel and young up and coming centre player Tayla Milligan.

Milligan and Horgan had a great tussle through the centre, causing plenty of turnovers for their sides.

Eyre United started to move the ball better into their goalies with the help of Flavel’s magic passes that can dazzle even the greatest of defenders.

Horgan slotted in nicely for the Blues and did not look out of place at all.

Tarlina Flavel and Stacey Curtis were having a good hard tussle at goal defence and goal attack respectively with Curtis holding tight and shooting some nice goals well backed up by Stratford to see them take a 10-goal lead at half time, 29-19.

No changes were made for the third quarter which saw it remain pretty even.

Eyre United could not quite narrow the margin and Tumby went ahead by 11 at the last break.

Eyre United started the last quarter strong and had a run of goals before Tumby hit the scoreboard.

Antionette Liddell had a run of great intercepts in defence and some nice rebounds to send back down to her goalies to score.

Tumby picked up the pace again when Eyre United got within five with Kayla White working hard at wing defence to shut down and quick movements into goals like she had been doing all day.

Eyre United outscored Tumby in the last quarter but it was not enough after Tumby had a big first half winning the game in the end by eight goals, 48-40.

The third and final game will be a big one for these two in the last round with both sides welcoming back key players.

Best for Tumby Bay was Gemma Horgan and for Eyre United Tamika Rehn.

Lock United lost to United Yeelanna 40-78

United Yeelanna started strong and fast and Lock took a while to adjust to Yeelanna’s speed. 

Lock played a steady game, going for every ball. 

Lock wing attack Melissa Morton and Yeelanna wing defence Holly Campbell fought hard for every ball, with Yeelanna centre court players Tanya Habner and Kate Hancock dominating the court throwing long and high direct passes. 

Lock continued to work tirelessly. Yeelanna’s Sarah Holderness and Cassie Norton combined well, Norton a strong target for her team-mates to pass to.

Incentives: Lock’s Melissa Morton and United Yeelanna’s Cassie Norton and Tanya Habner.