Milling venture closure

Milling venture closure

CUMMINS Milling Company, the flour producing business located at the Cummins Mill, went into liquidation last week following a number of weeks without trading. 

In late 2014 the flour business was a South Australian Food Industry consumer award finalist with the Sauturaga Family Trust taking ownership in 2015, saving it from potential closure.

However on July 12, the Federal Court of Australia ordered the winding up of Sinuma Pty Ltd as trustee of the Sauturaga Family Trust trading as Cummins Milling Company.

Cummins Mill owner Bill Butterfield said the community could be reassured the closure of the flour business was separate to the other mill operations.

Mr Butterfield owns the Cummins Mill property and the stockfeed business which runs from it but leased space in the mill to Maika Sauturaga for his flour mill business.

“The community needs to be aware and understand there are two totally separate businesses; the flour mill and the farm direct stockfeed business, which is trading strongly,” Mr Butterfield said. 

It is sad news but the future of the mill is our absolute priority.

Cummins Mill owner Bill Butterfield

“Since taking over complete ownership of the Cummins Mill in 2016 many improvements have been made and the stock feed business is going from strength to strength.”

Mr Butterfield said he considered it to be in the best interest of the mill and the community to bring operations back to normality as soon as possible. 

“It is sad news but the future of the mill is our absolute priority,” Mr Butterfield said.

Ferrier Hodgson is handling the liquidation of the company.

Liquidators will now try to establish the events which lead to the closure of the business and investigate and distribute assets to any creditors.