Eagles take win in competitive game

Great Flinders football

United Yeelanna 17-12 (114) def Lock 8-14 (62)

UNITED Yeelanna travelled to Lock in perfect football conditions on Saturday.

The Eagles had good wins in the previous games earlier in the day and many would have expected another one-sided game in the A grade.

Umpires Ian Burrows, Martin Chandler and Steve Heaven took control of the game with the Eagles kicking to the southern end.

Both teams were strong in defence and it took until halfway through the first quarter before United Yeelanna’s Matt Crettenden broke through to put the first score on the board for the Eagles.

It was not long before Brayden Martin, fresh from his Western Districts debut, also scored from 35 metres from his left foot.

With continued tight defensive work and strong tackling from both sides, Cain Reynolds eventually crumbed a goal from deep in the pocket for the Roos’ first score.

Quick goals from Brayden Martin on the run, Kade Dufek and Casey Carr’s first following a central infringement saw United Yeelanna leading 5-3 to Lock’s 1-0 going into the first break.

The Eagles coach Clark asked for more, wanting the ball to be won at ground level and to then keep control of the ball.

With continued pressure and great tackling on both sides, eventually the ball was at the Roos’ end and with an added infringement Fergus Slape goaled for the Roos, now trailing 2-1 to Eagles 5-5.

Good leads and strong marks saw Matt Dyer goal from 15 metres out after a pass from Matt Crettenden.

Playing possession footy, the Eagles scored again through Kade Dufek, while the Roos  could only manage points.

Michael Arbon was rucking well for the Roos with Dutschke kicking to Slape who scored his second for the Roos followed by a goal from Aaron Beard from the pocket.

The Eagles responded again with another beautiful strong kick from Casey Carr making his second and the half time score being Eagles 8-8 to Roos 4-9.

Both coaches asked for more from their players at half time. 

Both had talented teams and felt that they could be working harder with more voice.

Bryce Breed opened with a snap goal from a throw in for the Eagles, while only minutes later Grady Dutschke replied with a goal from 40 for the Roos.

A peppering of Eagle goals from Carr (2), Martin,  Xavier Watson, Brock Jolly,  Stephen and Matt Crettenden took the Eagles to the break leading 14-10  to 5-10.

The fourth quarter saw the Roos’ players lift having challenged themselves to take the game on.

Fergus Slape shepherded  beautifully allowing Ryan Siebert a running goal while Aaron Beard scored his second from 45 metres out.

The Roos had several missed opportunities to close the lead and they held the Eagles scoreless until the 15-minute mark before Casey Carr kicked his fifth from 45 metres (15-10 to 8-13).

Spectators were treated to a great display of desperate footy from both sides.

At the 26-minute mark Casey Carr scored again through a pass from Brayden Martin and his seventh through Xavier Watson and Breed.

The MAC Ambassador medal was awarded to Casey Carr for his seven goals but Matt Dyer played a great game as did Brayden Martin.

For the Roos, young Fergus Slape would have to be full of confidence after his first game back from injury and Justin Beard lead the defensive end well.