Rain, hail & shine

Hunter’s ride in any weather, come rain, hail or shine and that is exactly what happened on Sunday at Pankala for the Southern Eyre Hunt Club’s 10th hunt of the season.

The weather was blustery and wet in places but nothing was stopping the eleven committed riders and horses who had travelled from around the EP from participating.

Even yours truly got to join the fun this week, on a steed named ‘Steve’.

The only difference was, he had four wheels and more horsepower than the total number of horses out in the field.

The day started briskly with the master Andrew Mills on Bronze Aussie leading the way into the rain followed by deputy Grace Kemp back out on Gus after he had some time off recovering from injury but now getting along nicely.

Jumping well alongside Grace was Rochelle Milnes on her new horse Sutanoc, followed by Zahli Liddicoat on Hope out for her last hunt of the season before she returns to uni.

Young Catherine Southam was nice and relaxed as she ambled along on Phoenix, taking jumps confidently, definitely no returning to the followers for this girl.

Tarnya Branson on Trixie aka The Sheep, enjoyed the day’s ride alongside husband Troy Branson on Shan and as much as you could not separate the two, Hayley Norton’s horse King Bob made sure everyone knew that HE was Shan’s jumping buddy.

All three took jumps on together making for spectacular viewing for the car followers.

Speaking of car followers, I could not help but have a bit of fun and gave Andrew Liddicoat a run for his money (or his car) at one point on my new wheels.

I am happy to say that I was satisfactorily covered in mud by the end of the day as the wet weather provided some large muddy puddles to race through.

The new wheels may or may not have led to a fine from the master for apparently parking too close to one jump and having the lights on high beam - although it did not worry any of the horses.

This was possibly a cheeky pay back when the opportunity finally arose for shaming the master on his poor horn blowing.

A quick trip along the beach was in order, some riders even braving the chilly black ocean for a dip to cool off their mounts, while others took the opportunity to have a good canter on the sand.

Stirrup cup was brief as people tried to stay out of the wind; thankfully the rain held off until after car followers were back in the warmth of their vehicles.

It was the sort of day many riders regretted not wearing gloves!

The ride in the direction of home went smoothly, field master Sheree Mills on Appy kept alongside Ali Turnbull on Walt and Danielle Humphries on Clover giving them lots of encouragement along the way.

The last few kilometres of the run were ridden and jumped well by all riders, just enjoying being in the moment as they popped over the last few rails along the highway, despite the chill of the day, everyone enjoyed themselves.

Finally we returned to the lovely property of Jon and Leonie Mills for afternoon tea and a delicious soup made by Kaylene Turnbull.

A special shout out goes to Jon and Leonie Mills, Greg Baker and Peter and Kaylene Turnbull - our gracious landowners for the use of their property, and especially to the Turnbull’s for the loan of ‘Steve’. 

I haven’t had that much fun in ages.

This week’s photos can be found up on the Facebook page: www.facebook.com/SouthernEyreHuntClubInc/

Also we would like to remind members there is no hunt next week due to a bye.

The next hunt will be Saturday July 29 at The River at 2pm.

Any enquiries, please contact Stacey on 0428 656 864 or via Facebook.

Tally Ho!