Geelong Cats star Corey Enright makes his mark back home at Kimba | PHOTOS, VIDEO

Excitement filled the air at Corey Enright Oval in Kimba on Saturday as the 800-strong crowd waited for the ground’s namesake to run onto the field.

Corey “Boris” Enright made the trip to Kimba on Saturday morning, with his wife Renee and son Boh, after coaching at the Geelong and Adelaide game on Friday night, quickly noticing that a day at the footy had not changed much since he was a child.

“Coming through as a junior, it was pretty was similar to what’s here already, with the doughnuts and getting to run around on the oval and making sure you cheer on everyone and the local support,” Enright said.

“Having a look around not much as changed.”

Enright headed onto the field in the middle of the Kimba team, showing he was a team player, not a celebrity.

It was the first time he had played back at Kimba, since he left in 1999, and when asked what was scarier, playing his first AFL game or playing at Kimba, he said it was Saturday that scared him the most.

“I think today (Saturday) is going to be pretty scary,” Enright said. “I think as long as we can get through and hopefully get a win.”

Enright had been receiving updates on the team’s performance throughout the season and knowing they had lost three games in a row, he hoped to help the team get a much-needed win, which they did, convincingly.

He realised he was not the fittest he had ever been, joking the best part of the match was “the final siren”, but he enjoyed playing with his old team.

“It was good, obviously I knew some of the guys and didn’t know a lot of the other guys but we played a good spot of footy and the boys were really up for it, which was exciting,” Enright said.

“I like the style that they’re playing, they’re hard at it and use their numbers and try to attack through the corridors.

“I enjoyed the brand of footy.”

After the match, players from the Eastern Ranges’s team joined the Kimba team in their change rooms, showing the friendly side of their rivalry.

Enright was part of the night’s formalities, presenting the Motor Accident Commission (MAC) ambassador medal to Sam Haskett from Kimba Districts.

He also participated in an “On the Couch” session, where he was interviewed by former team-mates and some of the club’s junior players.

Official crowd numbers were not recorded but Kimba Districts president Peter Woolford estimated about 800 people were at the match.

This story Enright makes his mark first appeared on Eyre Peninsula Tribune.