One point win on the siren

Great Flinders football

Lock 11-8 (74) def Eyre United 11-7 (73)

LOCK Roos notched up their second win for the season with the slimmest of margins over Eyre United. 

In one of their best first quarters for the season the Roos came out firing and had three goals in the first 10 minutes while the Saints were scoreless.

Both sides were getting plenty of the ball but the Saints were unable to capitalise.

Wright was all over the ground, G. and B. Dutshcke’s disposals were accurate, Slape again was on top in the ruck and Davies used his body well for the one percenters. 

Warrior, Webb and Burgoyne gained useful possessions but the Roos turned possessions over to their advantage. 

Milligan never gave up when given the opportunity for rebounds but the Roos’ determination won the quarter, four goals to the Saints’ solitary point. 

The first 10 minutes of the second quarter belonged to the Saints. Hill was driving from the centre, Stengle and Telfer were getting onto the play for Crombie and Simpson to find the big sticks plus a couple of minors. 

The tide reversed at the 14-minute mark and the Roos kicked their first major for the quarter. 

Pearson sent attacking kicks from half back, supported by L. Heath and Beard and with Morton back after injury the Roos added another three to lead 8-3 to 2-4 at half time.

In a complete reversal of fortunes the Saints kicked six unanswered goals in the third quarter to the Roos’ paltry point. 

Milera was back to his best in front of goals, supported by Warrior.

Burgoyne and Davey were all over the ground and Dunn, Telfer and Gale used their bodies to protect the fleet feet of the runners.

Roo defenders Kelly, Beard, Pearson and the Heath duo could be forgiven for thinking only half the team had come back onto the ground.

Siebert, Wright and Davies were doing their best but did not have the backup and the Saints were hungry for the ball.

The Saints were clean and accurate and were fast in using the corridor as the quickest way home for maximum results. 

They were rewarded with a one-point lead at the last change and the last quarter was the footy spectators come to see. 

Burgoyne and Siebert each goaled and both sides recorded points. 

Stengle, Davey and Telfer continued their midfield running with Davey and Dunn providing contests. 

L. Heath continued his left leg rebounds for the Roos with the Dutshcke boys slipping through packs and Wright running his short legs around the boundary on countless occasions. 

Breen on the run and Warrior playing tag saw a two-kick lead to the Saints. 

Lack of discipline saw Siebert awarded a free on the edge of his kicking range and his accuracy brought the game back to two points.

Lock added two points to tie the score with seconds left.

The Roos cleared the ball and Siebert again took a great mark on the 50 line as the siren sounded. He found the sticks (just) to seal victory for the Roos.

Times scribe votes: Ryan Siebert, 3, Harrison Wright, 2, Joseph Burgoyne, 1.

Ramblers 5-8 (38) lost to United Yeelanna 10-10 (70)

United Yeelanna came away with a 32-point victory over Ramblers at Cummins at the weekend.

As the business end of the season approaches, the game was an important test for Ramblers against competition favourites, United Yeelanna.

Ramblers kicked to the southern end in damp conditions with a stiff breeze crossing the ground.

Play zig-zagged between the half back lines with neither side gaining the ascendancy.

The Eagles went forward but came up against strong defence from Dennis and Mickan.

Breed and Coombs combined in the forward line but could only manage a behind.

Dufek then looked toward goal where the ball was spoiled by Fitzgerald but taken by Breed in front of an open goal to put the Eagles on the board.

Ramblers went in to the break trailing by seven points.

Yeelanna started strong in the second quarter with a running mark converted to an early goal.

Ramblers were a chance after a free following a tackle by Roderick but he could not convert.

Starke then put Ramblers on the board with a check side snap from a tight angle.

Haarsma sought goal but the ball came out before Roderick put one through for Ramblers to bring them one point ahead.

A goal to Breed, after Lawrie and Haarsma shared the ball, again saw Yeelanna leading by seven points at the break.

The Eagles began to consolidate their lead in the third term with an early goal to Carr, then another to Breed.

Ramblers goaled when a strong overhead mark to Williams in the forward line saw him kick truly from a set shot.

Yeelanna attacked, moving forward through Martin, Crettenden and Coombs but were intercepted by Mickan and Hall.

A highlight was Isaac Hall’s hanger on the wing, before a big kick from Pilgrim gave Ramblers another major. 

A holding the ball decision against Ramblers saw Crettenden have a free kick in front of goal. He did not disappoint the Eagles followers.

Yeelanna ran the ball forward with another goal to Carr, giving them a 20-point lead at three-quarter time.

Yeelanna started the final term with an early goal but the Magpies reciprocated following a steam rolling mark to Franklin.

Ramblers went forward through Roderick, Pedler and Rowe but were unable to convert. Jolly then goaled for Yeelanna.

Rowe passed to Dennis running into Ramblers’ forward line outside 50, where a long kick squarely struck the post, in what one Rambler fan described as the best point of the day.

Yeelanna capitalised on the turnover, going forward to Crettenden for a late goal.

The final siren saw the Eagles victorious in a match that did not reach any great heights. Dyer, Jolly and Martin were among the Eagles’ key players along with Carr and Breed each kicking three goals.

Ramblers’ better players included Mickan in defence along with Pedler, Roderick and the Darling boys.