EP Healthy Air improving air quality and power efficiency across Eyre Peninsula.

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There are few things more important to the everyday health of our bodies than the quality of air we breathe. 

Given the fact that we spend so much of our day in heated or air-conditioned homes and workplaces, it is vital to ensure the air you breathe is free of bacteria and as clean as possible.

That is where EP Healthy Air come in to help. Not only will their process ensure the air you breathe is contaminant free, they will also save you money in the process.

Owners Leon Earl and Jeff Bowers say that while people often service their air conditioners, there is not enough attention being payed to the cleaning of the units.

“That’s the biggest issue we come across, over time dust, grease, mould and bacteria can build up in air conditioner systems,” explained Leon.

“When people say they’ve just had their air-conditioner serviced they think that’s it – but the thing is the unit hasn’t been cleaned. With a service, repairmen check the electronics, gas readings and clean the filters. What we do differently is actually take off the covers, put detergant through the evaporative unit then do a rinse.

“As a result the air quality improves as bacteria and mould are cleaned from the unit. The machine then runs more efficiently while also lasting longer because it doesn’t need to work as hard.”

Jeff and Leon say that it is especially important that units near a kitchen, where steam and heat are present, should be getting cleaned every twelve months.

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EP Healthy Air have received numerous testimonies from customers who have said that after having their heater cleaned they had to reduce the temperature and fan speed as unit was working too well. One customer had to eventually switch the heater off completely because it was too warm.

“During a clean last week we measured the power being drawn from the unit. Before the clean it was drawing 6.2amps, but once cleaned that number was halved to 3.2amps. And that was on a relatively tidy system.,” Jeff said.

Employers are encouraged to comply with Work Safe regulations, which state that employees must have access to clean air. Cleaning systems, from window units to in-ceiling cassette units and almost everything in between, will also save businesses plenty in running costs.

Available for both commercial and residential units, Jeff and Leon also offer discounts on bulk orders for businesses, rentals, nursing homes or any job with more than a few units. For bulk orders the cost of travel is removed from the bill. EP Healthy Air will service the entire Eyre Peninsula, potentially as far as Roxby Downs.

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