Pukka Health Cafe at Port Lincoln spreading organic and healthy living

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Organic is more than a buzzword for a pair of Port Lincoln locals who are fast making it a way of life not just for themselves, but a viable option for the whole community.

It used to be that eating fresh, organic produce was reserved for people living on the East Coast or in health-conscious metropolitan nooks.

Luckily for residents of Port Lincoln, this is no longer the case.

Bree Manthorpe and Kirsty Kenny from Pukka Health Cafe are aiming to show their community that having a healthy lifestyle and choosing organic is a beneficial and fulfilling choice.

The business-owners have a vision to serve as much local produce as possible and have even worked with local growers to go pesticide and spray free, at times this can be slightly costlier but they believe the benefits definitely outweigh the costs.

“Organic foods are richer in nutrients, tastier and are better for the planet. It is an all-round win, really,” said Bree.

Bree and Kirsty opened the store to share their passion for good, wholesome, healthy food and also to celebrate individuals and their approach to a healthy life, whatever form that might take.

When Pukka Health Cafe opened early in June, the aim was to provide a one-stop shop for all the products and information you could need to start living a healthier life.

“We really wanted a beautiful place where people can come and enjoy locally made food and drink, while also discovering the latest products and information on health rituals that support each individual.

“We are both from Port Lincoln so we’re really thrilled to be a part of the local burgeoning café and restaurant scene.

“We also hope to build our connections with other local businesses to bring inspiring health and lifestyle collaborations to our customers.”

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With this vision Pukka Health is set to become a hub where locals and aligned businesses can share their knowledge and celebrate healthy living for a healthier, happier community.

Pukka Health health coaching packages are also available, which include personal training, tailored food guides that help heal from the inside, suggestions for the best supplements and link ups to local health professionals.

Initial consults and one-week packages are available for anyone to test the waters, and all courses are designed to be affordable.

As Bree says, a healthy life should be accessible to everyone.

However, the largest drawcard for the cafe is perhaps the incredible meals they serve for breakfast and lunch all week long.

Featuring no sugar, gluten or dairy and packed with all the essentials your body needs, the entire menu is most importantly absolutely delicious.

Making a change to your lifestyle can often be daunting. A lack of knowledge and focusing too much on the results can often get in the way.

If you drop into Pukka Health Cafe on Tasman Terrace, the friendly team will be more than happy to eliminate those fears, helping you take the first and easy step to a healthy lifestyle.

  • For more information visit the store or head to their Facebook page.