Wet and wild netball

Port Lincoln netball

GRABBED: Wayback's Rebecca Leslie grabs the ball in a contest against Souths United's McKenna Reidy.

GRABBED: Wayback's Rebecca Leslie grabs the ball in a contest against Souths United's McKenna Reidy.

Wayback drew with Souths 37-37

THE theme for Saturday’s game was rainy, windy and wild weather.

Both teams started well and were getting goals early. When young gun defender Kyesha Vlassco took an impressive intercept from a Wayback centre pass, it showed Souths were there to play.

Wayback responded with a few quick goals through the ever so accurate Mikaela Eatts, who somehow managed to deliver a long shot.

Ilka Curtis was also moving well, feeding herself closer to the ring where the shots sunk in.

No changes were made for the second quarter and both teams went back in with high intensity.

McKenna Reidy for Souths got up and contested ball where she could and capitalised on a few loose balls and fed down to the ring resulting in goals.

Lily Matena showed great consistency and played a steady game under pressure.

Vanessa Vlassco came out of the ring and provided shorter options for her feeders.

Jordyn Bryant changed her game getting in a bit closer to the ring and bryant also passed extremely well to the space created by V. Vlassco.

In defence Hannah Barker and K. Vlassco worked extremely hard all game on talented goalers Eatts and Curtis.

Barker took some incredible intercepts and rebounds and brought the ball out of defence with the backup of Emma Wilson in wing defence. 

Wilson and K. Vlassco provided pressure down court sticking tight on their players forcing some errors and making quick turnovers.

Barker and K. Vlassco were also fighting for rebounds when goalers missed.

Ruby Orchard played a solid game for Wayback creating some beautiful feeds into goals.

Bec Leslie worked tirelessly as a defensive centre, putting her arms over the ball, which forced a few bad passes and with the backup of Orchard they were able to score off these.

Caitlin Mader also added to the mid court pressure and saw a zone set every now and then.

Mader played well in attack bringing the ball down and added a good throw and go component to her game.

Casey Grenfell adjusted her style to the poor conditions. She pressured Vlassco and came out for some intercepts.

Sophie Wilkshire did a great job on Bryant trying to keep her high and making her work hard to get into the ring.

Grenfell and Wilkshire used their height to their advantage and grabbed any missed shots they could.

Third quarter saw one change from Souths, Kesby Turner-Wiebreck into wing defence and Wilson off, giving Souths some fresh legs.

Souths seemed to kick into second gear and their steady and short style of play was working in their favour.

Souths had a run on and were converting quickly when the ball was down their end.

The weather conditions picked up and a heavy, hard, stinging rain came across the court, which quickly turned into hail and the umpire blew the whistle for safety reasons, just after a spectacular Grenfell intercept.

Both teams re-grouped and once the conditions calmed down and the umpires deemed it safe to continue the teams took the court to play out the quarter.

Souths picked up where they left off and were down by two going into the fourth quarter.

Wayback made a change in defence which saw Grenfell off, Wilkshire back to goal keeper and Bri Gray – back after eight weeks out injured - onto goal defence.

Gray added a different style of defence and was a lot tighter and went for a lot of contested ball.

Wayback started strong converting some quick goals, with Souths responding.

The fight from both teams in horrific weather conditions was inspiring.

The smallest errors from one team, created a huge win for the other. Both coaches were extremely proud of their teams’ for their efforts.

Imperials def Boston 17-9

With the worst weather conditions experienced in 33 years at the Port Lincoln netball courts, the unpredictability of an upset was always on the cards between Imperials and the more fancied Boston.

With Boston missing key goalie Saunders, whose height and accuracy would have been a huge advantage in these conditions, Imperials were able to capitalise with early turnovers in their defence.

Reidy in goal keeper and Glover in goal defence were combining well, with Glover playing a crucial role transitioning to attack.

The speed and agility of Taylor for Boston and Rice for Imperials showed they were unaffected by the slipperiness with some terrific intercepts and skill throughout the mid court.

Holman in wing attack for Boston was working in tandem with Taylor to provide opportunities for their goalies Fowler and Smith, with Fowler especially accurate under the ring.

However when provided with the chance on rebound, it was Imperials’ Glover whose hands ended up with the ball.

With Reidy often intercepting prior to the ball penetrating the goal circle, Imperials were able to set up more chances to score.

Identically it was Boston’s defenders on top in their back court, with Grant and Heron deflecting the ball where Taylor was able to take control.

Scores were low at the quarter break with Imperials ahead in a 4-3 scoreline. This was indicative of the conditions, with attempts at goal often missing the ring completely.

Imperials began the quarter with goal shooter Enge performing some great moves with Semmler providing the quick pass, and utilising the feeds of wing attack Roberts and Rice.

Enge’s accuracy was impressive and Imperials were handling the slower pace well. With Roberts a massive key in attack, she did not waste a pass, and her delivery to Enge was precise.

Boston, shooting successive goals, were on the comeback when disaster struck with a serious knee injury to pivotal player Holman.

Imperials ended the half six goals in the lead, and with goals a premium commodity, this lead would be hard to penetrate.

Thomson in wing defence for Imperials was finding space on the drive through the mid court, and was playing with experience beyond her years, setting up the front court for Semmler to take the leadership role in attack.

In opposition to Semmler, Heron was showing some great promise and with Grant they continued to work the ball hard when opportunities presented.

Boston goal attack Fowler continued to play a key role, and was pushing deep in the centre third.

The combination with Taylor was pretty to watch with the skill and class they are known for.

Imperials were inching slowly further ahead and then it happened. The sky opened up, the rain was coming sideways and the spectators umbrellas were inside out.

With play suspended on the umpires’ decision due to unsafe conditions, the respective coaches and captains decided on the score at the time of stoppage to be the final result.

Wanilla def St Mary’s 30-4

The weather was always going to be horrible if you could believe the weather forecasters and they definitely were not wrong on Saturday. 

Wanilla were without Ellie Cooper for the game and St Mary’s again took this opportunity to promote another upcoming future A grader, with Lilly Gassner taking the court in goal shooter.

Without the weather playing its part it was always going to be a particularly challenging game for St Mary’s with the average age of the attack end being all of 15 or 16, however all of the girls did try.

Karyn Thring started the game in wing defence and Saints were happy to have Lauren Pluker back this week which strengthened the defence end.

Unfortunately Saints did not shoot one goal in the first quarter to Wanilla’s 11 (who shot beautifully the whole game considering the weather).

It was much the same in the second quarter. Saints managed two goals but again Wanilla were too strong and shot another 11.

Due to the weather it was not netball at its best and the game was abandoned just after half time.