Wild weather causes damage and disruption | PHOTOS, VIDEO

The strong weather front that came across Port Lincoln at the weekend caused much destruction and disruption.

A cold front came over the Lower Eyre Peninsula on Saturday bringing with it hail and wind gusts of more than 90 kilometres an hour.

The Port Lincoln SES unit responded to eight call-outs at the weekend with most jobs occurring on Saturday. 

SES Eyre district officer Craig Brassington said the team was prepared for the call-outs due to the high winds.

“The majority of the jobs were to do with the strong winds,” Mr Brassington said. 

The local SES unit was required to help fix damage to the roof at Harvey Norman and as well as deal with localised flooding.

The weather caused much disruption for weekend sport with games being cancelled and facilities being damaged. 

The storm surge was at its strongest Saturday afternoon causing hail to stop play in Port Lincoln netball.

Port Lincoln Netball Association administration officer Toni Castley said due to wet weather procedures the 10-minute hail downpour meant they had to get players off the court.

“The last time we can remember this happening was back in the 80s and when we had a massive hail storm.”

She said two games chose to return to the courts due to some teams fighting for top positions on the ladder. 

The A1 game between Wayback and Souths returned resulting in a draw, and the A2 game between Boston and Imperials also chose to finish play with Boston winning by one goal.

The heavy rain downpour and strong winds also caused Port Lincoln hockey games to be stopped when goals were flying over the fences and large bubbles formed under the artificial turf.

The strong winds and heavy rain also caused disruption to flights attempting to land on the Port Lincoln runway on Saturday. 

Port Lincoln resident Sandra Lukin was a passenger on a lunchtime flight and said as the plane approached the airport the pilots knew there was a big rain band coming.

“They were going to wait for that to pass and circled around for 40 minutes but they said it was just too strong so they turned back around to Adelaide,” she said.

The weather front brought much-needed rain following a dry start to winter, with Cummins recording almost 30 millimetres over the weekend and Port Lincoln recording almost 20 mm.