Whale migration reminder to keep clear | PHOTOS

The annual whale migration is in full swing with many people spotting the ocean giants along the coastline, however those in the water have been warned to steer clear. 

Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources animal welfare manager Deb Kelly said the department had received reports of boaties and paddle boarders getting too close to whales off the coast of the Eyre Peninsula.

“Many of us dream of a close encounter with whales or dolphins but there are rules in place for the animal’s safety and our own.”

High-powered boats and jet-skis are not allowed within 300 metres of a whale, and paddle boarders and other conventional vessels must not come within 100 metres.

“The rules apply to all water users, including people in high-powered vessels, in cabin cruisers, yachts and small vessels such as tinnies and kayaks, and even to surfers and swimmers,” Ms Kelly said.

“If you see a whale, move away from it until you are at the legal distance.”