Ramblers too strong

Ramblers' best player James Pedler takes a strong overhead mark over Saints defender Nick Telfer. Picture: Emma Pedler ABC Open
Ramblers' best player James Pedler takes a strong overhead mark over Saints defender Nick Telfer. Picture: Emma Pedler ABC Open

Great Flinders football

Preliminary final 

A grade

Ramblers 15-15 (105) def Eyre United 7-8 (50)

A STUNNING day and great crowd greeted Ramblers and Eyre United as finals footy action returned to Kapinnie oval.

This was a highly anticipated clash with the thought that perhaps another preliminary final draw could be on the cards, however this was far from the case.

As is often the case in finals Ramblers got off to flyer with Williams kicking his first, then Shawn Fitzgerald from the boundary and Williams again goaled and Ramblers were on top.

Their constant pressure at stoppages was the key and not allowing the Saints to get their running game going.

It was early signs but simply the Saints were not working hard enough.

They then lifted by some Miller magic, who set up Davey and after a costly Ramblers miss they went coast to coast and ended with great mark and goal from gun forward Stengle.

It was better signs for the Saints as Joe Burgoyne, Walker and Jordan Telfer started to click into action.

However the little momentum they did have was shut down as Wade Starke took a great one on one mark on the wing that ended up with Williams, who kicked his third.

This was a significant shift in the momentum of the game as the first quarter ended with Ramblers 15 points up.

Coach Flavel said to his players there was not any need to panic, maybe he should have as Ramblers controlled the second quarter, worked a lot harder and started to put Eyre United to the sword.

Williams kicked another and against the run of play Milera finally got into action to peg one back for Eyre United.

Ramblers were certainly on top but the Saints were hanging on through mainly Jordan Telfer at half back who was enormous for his team.

Kingsly Bilney showed his class with a mark and goal and then Malcolm miller had an awful kick out which resulted in a James Pedler goal.

At half time Ramblers had increased their lead to 29 points.

James Pedler was the stand out at centre half forward and Kit Williams with four first half goals.

Ramblers simply had better work rate; the amount of uncontested inside 50 marks that Ramblers had was alarming.

The second half started as the first ended with yet another Rambler stoppage win and kick inside 50 with James Pedler winning a free kick and goaling.

Eyre United guns Miller, Stengle, Davey and Walker could not get into the game as the Ramblers old firm of both Pedlers and Scott Blacker were running rampant.

Eyre United guns Miller, Stengle, Davey and Walker could not get into the game as the Ramblers old firm of both Pedlers and Scott Blacker were running rampant.

Ramblers had all the play but then kicked five points in row before young Jacob Kennerley set up Williams for his fifth.

Kennerley is an exciting young player who was starting to have an influence.

Finally Eyre United showed some commitment at a stoppage and won a free kick but they missed the goal and then missed another and they let two golden opportunities slip to get back in the game.

Nick Telfer kicked one from the square before some more Miller magic and it was back to a more manageable 31 points.

The Saints had lifted but did they have the ability to sustain it?

They did not.

As Ramblers often do, they lifted and after great play from half back Isaac Hall kicked his first and then James Pedler again marked and goaled and the Saints were done, down by 43 points at three-quarter time.

Ramblers’ coach Rob Shirley said Ramblers were winning stoppages.

They were certainly doing that and just had too many loose players all over the ground.

Being seven goals down, Eyre United got the start they needed from Miller who goaled but Ramblers then took control.

Shirley went to half back to control the area as Kennerley set Luke Rowe for another uncontested inside 50 mark.

Rowe kicked two for the quarter, along with another to Bilney and Williams kicked his sixth to finish the quarter.

Ramblers ran out the victors by a whopping 55 points in what had been expected to be a close game.

It was a disappointing day for the Saints as they simply did not work hard enough.

Joe Burgoyne and Jordan Telfer were the Saints’ best by some margin.

For Ramblers James Pedler was best on ground.

He was well supported by Shirley, Bilney, Williams with six goals and the underrated Ben Quigley.


B grade 

United Yeelanna 15-9 (99) def Cummins Kapinnie 3-2 (20)

Perfect conditions greeted the Cummins Kapinnie Cougars and United Yeelanna Eagles players as they ran out for the B grade preliminary final.

United Yeelanna won the toss and elected to head to the scoreboard end.

It was Cougars doing all the attacking early, with five inside 50s.

The pressure was up and both sides were tackling well.

United Yeelanna’s defenders A. Pobke and M. Habner were rebounding well however when Jake ‘Blocker’ Mahoney unselfishly passed off from 20 metres out to C. Meaney, Cougars had the first goal of the game.

United Yeelanna began to work their way into the game with some better ball use and hard running.

After a few missed opportunities, S. Little kicked the first major for the Eagles.

M. Haylock was finding more of the ball and the United Yeelanna forward line was looking dangerous, with D. Proctor kicking a good running goal and S. Little using some good body work to kick his second.

At the end of the first it was the Eagles with a handy 14-point lead.

It was not long into the second that Eagles player J. Schultz kicked his first after providing some good link up across half forward.

United Yeelanna started to get on top in the midfield battle with J. Manners asserting his authority with his physicality.

Young Eagle forward H. Carey was proving to be a handful and Cougars were dealt a double blow when he snared his second as C. Letton was stretchered off with a suspected ruptured achilles.

United Yeelanna continued to use the ball better and Little capped off a dominant quarter with another running goal.

At the half-time break they had blown the lead out to a whopping 40 points.

United Yeelanna continued their pressure into the third as Habner rebounded any Cougar attack.

A good mark and a running goal to Schultz saw the Cougars’ defence looking shaky.

Eagles’ Little goaled again after some good body work.

Carey was looking too mobile for Tom ‘Horsepower’ Mahoney, soccering another goal after some relentless Yeelanna pressure.

It was a 72-point lead at three-quarter time.

The B grade medalist, M. Haylock opened the scoring in the last, after an undisciplined 50m penalty by Cougars.

D. Bache was battling hard in the middle for Cougars but United Yeelanna just kept on coming.

They peppered the forward line and it was only a matter of time before H. Carey kicked another.

United Yeelanna began to bring a few players to the bench, perhaps with one eye already on next week, which allowed Cougars to get more of the ball.

D. Bellenger was on the end of some Cougar hard work and snapped a good goal.

The end of the game saw some late aggression from J. Mahoney but resulted in another scrambled goal to the Eagles.

Better players for the day were United Yeelanna’s M. Haylock and H. Carey (UY) and D. Bache for Cougars.



Tumby Bay 11-15 (81) def Cummins Kapinnie 10-6 (66)

The game started with Cougars winning the ball from centre with Henry Nelligan putting them into attack first on what was an ideal day for football.

It was Tumby Bay however who registered the first scores, kicking two points before Kayden D’Agostino kicked their first goal.

Tumby looked to have settled first early, getting most of the play and looked like they might build a lead when Cougars goaled through Dre Lambadgee and the followed up with two behinds to level the score.

Both sides were playing well and looking to gain ascendancy, which Cougars did with another goal from Lambadgee which was a mighty effort from a player of small stature.

Tumby Bay had the opportunity to equalise but missed a set shot on goal.

Quarter time scores were Cummins Kapinnie 2-2 (14) to Tumby Bay 1-3 (9).

At the start of the second quarter Tumby Bay dominated play scoring two points before Jackson Murphy kicked his first goal giving Tumby Bay the lead.

Cougars were unable to convert a score when they had the ball forward yet Tumby Bay kicked two behinds before goaling again to put them nine points clear.

At this stage Tumby Bay looked to be controlling the play and even though Lambadgee scored again for the Cougars from a holding the ball decision, Tumby replied quickly with a goal from Jackson Murphy.

Half time score was Cougars 3-2 (20) to Tumby Bay 4-8 (32).

Better players in the first half for Tumby were Jagga Cross, who had been solid in the middle, and Jackson Murphy, who got better in the second, and Harry Degner, who at times threatened up forward.

For Cougars Henry Nelligan was playing well on the ball and Fergus Burns and Jayden Phillips were offering plenty of resistance in the backline and of course sole goal kicker Dre Lambadgee making the most of every opportunity.

Tumby Bay got off to a good start in the third quarter with a goal to Nicholas Bates.

Jagga Cross was getting plenty of the footy and Tumby Bay looked to be in control however a good push into Cougars forward line from Jayden Phillips resulted in a goal by Max Black, which was backed up by another from Cougars, now a goal behind.

The next goal was crucial for both sides, Harry Degner squandered two opportunities kicking two points, to put Tumby Bay 5-10.

Max Black made no mistakes kicking his second for Cougars putting Cougars within two points.

Jagga Cross importantly won the ball out of the next centre bounce, delivering it to Degner who this time made no mistake, goaling, extending Tumby Bay’s lead to eight points.

Henry Nelligan was the next to kick a goal for Cougars, again making the next goal crucial for both sides.

It came to Cougars from Jayden Gale just seconds before the siren.

The Cougar boys were pumped to be up by three points at the three-quarter time break, 8-3 (51) to 6-12 (48).

The fourth quarter started with a break from the centre from Cougars, which resulted in a quick goal from Charlie Shepperd, but to Tumby Bay’s credit they answered with a goal from Richardson.

Cougars then goaled from Brodie Laube.

Tumby answered with a goal from Jackson Murphy and then another from Tumby to get them back in front.

An exciting last quarter could have gone either way.

The crowd was certainly getting their money’s worth.

Jagga Cross eventually broke the next extended period of nullifying play with a goal giving Tumby a handy 10-point lead.

Cougars were not giving up scoring the next two points but full credit to the Tumby back men for hanging on.

Tumby Bay then scored another goal which sealed the win, the siren going just minutes later.


Great Flinders football grand finals




Ramblers v Tumby Bay

B grade


Tumby Bay v United Yeelanna

A grade


United Yeelanna v Ramblers