Port Lincoln junior hockey grand finals | PHOTOS

Port Lincoln hockey

Junior grand finals

Under 18 girls

Flinders def Wanderers 2-1

WANDERERS got a short corner in the first minute with the girls fighting strong, and a second was called shortly after. 

Fantastic defence from Flinders’ Daisy Green helped stop Wanderers. 

Hayley Kennedy’s strength against Wanderers’ Sam Whillas’s attempt to get into circle was impressive.

Wanderers’ teamwork was good, with the girls passing well and letting each other know where they were, then Mariah Fox's stick aimed clearly direct into goal. 

Talia Harvey, Annalise Carey and Rose O'Donnell’s determination up high for Flinders kept the girls striving for success. 

The second half got off to a strong start for Wanderers with Ruby Chirgwin giving it her all. 

Flinders sisters Meti and R’bka Ford demonstrated beautfully their ability to somehow communicate wonderful passing between them, without vocalising their intents. 

Wanderers got a short corner with just eight minutes to go, then Flinders quickly managed two goals with five minutes remaining.

Both sides showed their passion for the game and their desire to be wearing the grand final medal proudly around their necks, fighting hard for the entire game. 

All girls should be very proud of their effort.

Under 15 boys

Panthers def Marauders 5-2

Panthers defeated Marauders in a game that was contested to the final siren. 

The game began with an early strike by Luke Penna, deflected quickly by Marauders’ goalie Dion Lutz. 

Zak Shepperd was instrumental through the centre, finding space and passing through to Panthers’ team-mates. 

Will Hyde intercepted Marauders’ passes to send through to Panthers’ forward line of Ayo Ajao and Joseph Perin. 

Jesse Ambrose was pivotal for Marauders, anchoring defence and having effect in goal strikes while Bryce Hammond’s strong stick skills outsmarted Panthers forward line multiple times. 

Cambell Waller played a pivotal role, repeatedly turning the ball over and supporting Panthers’ forward line. 

Panthers’ Reuben Taylor positioned well on the wing to take the ball into the circle only to be challenged by Angus Waller who deflected with his consistent defence. 

Panthers’ Joe Gassner held position and marked up tightly, while Marauders Levi Cullen and Seth Beek  interrupted Panthers flow with strong tackles. 

Kalani Coleman-Smith turned the ball over successfully several times to support Marauders forward line, ably supported by Max Rogalski. 

Oscar Paul and William Nagel worked hard in defence, positioning well on the wing. 

Darcy Wiseman repeatedly and effectively retrieved passes from the defence to convert to Panthers’ forwards. 

Sam Rathjen and Nick Kleinig successfully turned over a number of tenacious tackles by Marauders, especially by Jevan Ambrose and Connor Brown who did not give up and chased every ball down. 

Bailey Sharman added to the busy Marauders’ defence, while his brother Shane kept his eye on the ball and defended for his team until the final siren. 

Panthers’ Ryder Rogalski intercepted many times while Marauders captain Connor Brown worked hard for his team. 

Ethan Cowley lifted Marauders’ spirits early in the second half to score for the team. 

Panthers’ Brock Wise used his consistent stick skills to score the first four goals for Panthers, supported to reach the circle with clean and efficient passing by his team-mates. 

Taj Edwards presented energetic deflections by determined Marauders, which enabled Panthers to hold their lead. 

A great game watched by an enthusiastic crowd of Panthers and Marauders supporters.

Under 13 girls

Wanderers def Marauders 5-0

In the first half Marauders’ Isabella Tsemelis showed good defence against the attack of Wanderers’ Tahlia Weir and Tia Atkinson. 

Isabelle Townsend moved the ball well for Wanderers and Marauders captain Kyla Cullen demonstrated great use of the ball forward. 

The Marauders defence was very tight but Nicola Clark got through and scored. 

Marauders did not give up and got the ball in the circle a number of times with Kyla Cullen and Catherine Rudland aiding their performance.

The second half started with just as much passion, with Wanderers getting an early short corner but Marauders defence managed to get the ball out. 

Tahlia Weir returned quickly and scored. 

Wanderers’ Keira Evans carried the ball down the wing, Tanisha Kilpatrick then crossed to Tahlia Weir who scored again. 

Lucy Waller did a great job for Marauders on the wing getting the ball in their forward half. 

Tia Atkinson lined up for a goal but Marauders’ Eliza Tressider stopped her with a gutsy defensive move. 

Nicola Clark followed up and drove another one home for Wanderers. 

This was quickly backed up with another one by Sky Weir. 

Both teams played with a lot of intensity, which made it a great grand final to watch and in the end Wanderers came home with the chocolates after a seven-year premiership drought.

Under 13 boys

Panthers def Marauders 4-1

It was a cloudy day with slight breeze, which was great conditions for a hockey grand final. 

Two minutes into the first half Luke Penna hit a wonderful goal. 

The tension was high with another short corner but Marauders’ defence was too good. 

Then with six minutes to go Brock Wise shot a goal off some grand stick work. 

Luke Penna, on an awkward angle, jinxed the ball and popped it the goals

In the second half both teams were fighting hard for ball. 

A short corner to panthers failed to be converted for a goal. 

Then it was Marauders turn at a short with nice shot from Bryce Hammond for the goal. 

With only one minute left on the clock Brock Wise shot a clear winner to bring the final game score to 4-1. 

Congratulations to each and every player on the field for a great effort by all players, coaches and teams.