Tumby Bay premiers again

Great Flinders table tennis


Tumby Bay 18 defeated Karkoo Panthers 12

TUMBY Bay claimed consecutive premierships in the Great Flinders Table Tennis Association’s grand final on Thursday night at the Cummins Community Recreation Centre.

Brian Proctor got Karkoo off to a winning start but then Bill Richardson, Darren Atkins, Marc Hannan, Jake Rogers and Martin Sheridan won five rubbers on the trot for Tumby Bay.

Bryce Breed, Vicki Mundy and Darren Atkins reduced the margin but Ken Roediger gave Tumby a 6 to 4 advantage at the end of the opening singles.

Bev Atkins combined with Proctor and Rod Pearson combined with Breed, along with top pairing Darren Atkins and Mundy to pull back one rubber for Karkoo at the halfway mark.

Zoey Fordham and Richard Hennell had success in their reverse singles as did Leon Hurrell for Karkoo, each posting their first wins for the night.

The reverse singles had the same score line as the opening singles matches giving Tumby a 14 to 11 rubber advantage going into the tiered doubles.

Tumby Bay closed the match out winning the first four of these doubles, which included Susan Hennell’s first win with Darren Arnold and were deserved premiers having had a great season, losing only to Karkoo in the first round of the season back in May.

Best players for Tumby were Sheridan, Rogers and Arnold winning all four.

In an even team contribution they were well supported by Hannan and Richardson with three rubbers each.

For Karkoo, Darren Atkins was best with all four rubbers, while Breed won three.

The highest percentage players across the Great Flinders Table Tennis Association for the 2017 season were Darren Atkins and Caro Miller (Cummins) with Jake Rogers the association’s most improved player.

Pictured above are trophy winners Darren Atkins and Jake Rogers.