Birthday guests boost orienteer numbers

Port Lincoln orienteers

Orienteers bid a warm farewell to winter at the final cross country event for the season held at Mourilya on August 27.

The Russell family allowed the use of their Coomunga property and provided a huge bonfire to make sure none of the 58 participants were cold.

Organisers Phil Clem and Marc Dickie had seven courses on offer.

Numbers were boosted, especially in the streamer course, due to a birthday party for Elke Russell.

Many first time orienteers in the streamer group had a great time.

One streamer group deserves a mention for perseverance.

They took 40 minutes to complete the 1.1 kilometre course.

JenniLee and Anna TeWano with Cate Pearce have teamed up several times this season.

Their development of orienteering skill is evident with the 40.29 minutes it took them to complete the 3.8km moderate course.

This was 20 minutes faster than the next group.

Barry Hetherington did particularly well on the 2.9km hard X course, considering he was meant to be doing a different course but was accidentally given the wrong map.

He spent a few minutes searching for his first control but once he realised that the control card was printed on the map, he quickly completed the rest of the course.

The 4.4km hard short course was won by Brian Ashton who raced around in 38.05 minutes.

Alison Hoopman was next taking 57 minutes.

Tim Klau was first in the 6.5km hard long course, taking 58.08 minutes.

Numbers were boosted, especially in the streamer course, due to a birthday party.

It was good to see David Winters running again after a long break due to injury.

He did well taking 64.27 minutes.

Sam Stevens had some choice words for the course setters while he spent a long time searching for a particular control, until he realised it was his mistake. 

He was next taking 85.11 minutes. 

Elise Clem and Tania Kolega both come back with their running pants a little worse for wear.

Obviously they were putting a special effort running through the scrub or the fences were just a little too high.

One more orienteering event will be held on Sunday, September 17 at Brinkworth Reserve.

There will be a map memory course, a star relay and an event for the children.

Take along a picnic lunch and celebrate the end of the season.

For the full results and further information about this and upcoming events visit the Lincoln Orienteers website