Match-ups will be key

Great Flinders netball

A grade – Ramblers v Eyre United

The last times these teams met the margin was just five goals.

The key will be who starts well and which team settles and can maintain full four-quarter concentration.

There will be some great match ups across the court.

Goalie accuracy will be a factor, with Eyre United’s Hayley Masson and Whitney Wright set for a great battle, and at the other end, Ramblers’ Abby-Lee Burrows against Antoinette Liddle.

There will be some great match ups across the court.

Lisa Richardson and Cassidy McCallum are a good match, and Richardson’s determination and experience may cause the young Saints goalie a few headaches.

Morgan McDonald, who is cool under pressure, and the agile Hier twins are workhorses in the centre court.

Joint under 21 Rising Star recipients Mikaela Richardson and Tarlina Flavel will be a great match, with Richardson’s strength and speed pitted against Flavel’s unrelenting physical pressure.

A reserves – Cummins Kapinnie vs United Yeelanna

This game should be a hard fought game of high skill and whichever team settles first will have a huge advantage.

Both teams have strong defensive lines and accurate goalies who have been performing well under pressure.

Cougar’s goalie Emily Miller on Heather Norton will be a very good match up, both with height and strength.

Miller’s fellow goalie Ruby Green will be defended by Eagles’ Mitchell Pedler and where Green lacks in height she makes up for in speed and agility.

Eagles’ Holly Campbell and Katherine Robb’s drive and defensive pressure in the centre-court will be an asset for Yeelanna, closely matched by Celia Mickan who provides leadership and speed into the goalies.

Cougars may have the advantage of numbers and versatility but Yeelanna will head into this game with patience and experience.

B grade – United Yeelanna v Cummins Kapinnie

United Yeelanna finished the season at the top of the table but not without their troubles, losing several players to injuries during the season.

Cougars on the other hand struggled with so many players, which is now a blessing with as much strength on their bench as on the court.

Both sides have a mix of youthful enthusiasm and experience, which will make for a close match.

United Yeelanna goal shooter Jess Phillips, who reads the play well, will start on Brooke Smith, a strong rebounder who works hard to keep goalies away from the post.

Goal keeper Crysta Robins will use her mobility and agility against shooter Josie Turnbull, who always holds well, allowing delivery into the space close to the post.

The centre court will be tightly contested but both teams play a very different style of netball so this game could come down to the defences.

B reserves – Cummins Kapinnie v Tumby Bay

Tumby Bay will come into this grand final looking for their third premiership in a row.

However, the Cougars team has a strong mix of players, including the experienced Chaz Letton and Kerri-Anne Lock in defence, and mother and daughter team Mardi and Ella Green in goals.

Tumby goalies Jasmin White and Brittany Parker have been working well together all season, and with a number of options for the midcourt, they will have fresh legs at the ready.

This game will come down to the wire, with the accuracy of the goalies key to winning the game.

D grade – Ramblers v Tumby Bay

This game will be a nail-biter to the very end.

Ramblers have had the upper hand the last two times they have met but Tumby Bay are coming into this grand final in the best form they have been in all season. 

This final will come down to two crucial match-ups – Ramblers defender Sydney Claughton against Alex Stratford, and the battle between the Blues defences Ari Schlink and Abbey Bates against Magpie shooter Matilda Crettenden.

This game will be one for the ages and is going to keep everyone on the edge of their seats. 

E grade – Tumby Bay v Cummins Kapinnie

Tumby Bay will go in to this game undefeated.

Their team has strength across the court, with versatility through the mid court.

Cougars have a young yet versatile team who settled toward the end of the season.

Key match-ups will include Cummins Kapinnie centre Halle Phelps on the hard working Jasmine Trezise, and Blues’ goalies Brooklyn Hunt and Sarah Lawrie on Katelyn Randall and Grace Burns.