Big mulloway on the way

GREAT CATCH: Lenny Skinner, 2, went on his first fishing trip with his new fishing rod and caught six squid.

GREAT CATCH: Lenny Skinner, 2, went on his first fishing trip with his new fishing rod and caught six squid.

It feels like warmer weather is around the corner so now is the time to get the boat and fishing tackle ready. 

Plenty of reports this week of good fishing. Don’t forget to send us your photos to get them in the paper.

West Coast

A few reports are trickling through of anglers heading west in the search for a mulloway.

It is still a little early, but the odd fish up to 20 pounds have been caught from unnamed beaches.

It is predicted by mulloway experts that it won’t be long, so expect to hear of much bigger fish over the next few weeks (and months).

Whether that information will be kept a secret by anglers, we will find out.

Coffin Bay

Gunyah and Almonta beaches are producing good numbers of salmon, between two and four kilograms.

Big Mullet were also caught at the Almonta and Golden Island end of the beach.

Coles Point and Greenly Beach anglers reported salmon averaging between one and three kilograms, with the odd school and gummy shark caught during night sessions.

Farm Beach, Gallipoli, and Frenchman have had good reports from boaties and land based anglers.

King george whiting, schools of mullet, silver trevally, flathead, and salmon were all caught in decent enough numbers for anglers to go home with a good mixed bag.

Port Lincoln

King george whiting catches coming from Thistle Island are coming from the northern end, as well as out in front of the houses.

Bolingbroke to Moonlight has had mixed reports, with most boaties managing to find a feed of mixed species including salmon, squid, red mullet and whiting.

September Beach is producing king george whiting consistently through to Taylors Landing, with just about more red mullet than whiting being caught.

Salmon are being sighted and caught from local bays between Tumby Bay and Proper Bay.

Schools of salmon are hanging around jetties, rock ledges, and beaches, close enough to shore to cast into with a metal lure or pilchard bait.  Fish size is averaging from 500 grams to just over 1.5kg in some cases.

Keeping an eye on the water’s surface for boils, and dark colouration is the easiest way to identify a school of salmon.

A few snook were caught from the Port Lincoln area, with some up to 90cm!

Soft plastic lures and hard bodied lures produced the best results for lure fishermen, whereas blue bait or pilchards being slowly retrieved proved best for bait anglers.

Yellowfin whiting remain to be caught from the foreshore through to North Shields and a few reports also came in of schools sighted along beaches south of Port Neill, the best times being during higher tides.

The odd sampson fish was caught throughout The Passage, along with many areas further south. Locations were kept reasonably quiet; however, the Cabbage Patch would be worth a look.

Louth Bay has had a few reports of some big squid coming from rocks and the cliff line.

Tumby Bay

King george whiting and squid were mentioned from boaties, with reports indicating fishers won’t need to go too far from the boat ramp to find fish.

Anglers Club

Overall winner: Trevor Prow

Division winners: veterans: 1st: Syd Calverley 1 species for 50 points; 2nd: Jock Peters 2 fish for 10 points; men: 1st: Trevor Prow 3 species, 6 fish for 180 points; 2nd: Wayne Bockman 2 species, 2 fish for 110 points; ladies: 1st: Vicki Bradbery 1 species, 11 fish for 105 points; 2nd: Annette Brasington 1 species, 1 fish for 55 points; juniors: 1st: Riley Peters 4 fish for 20 points

Heaviest fish: Vicki Bradbery with a 920gm flathead.