Lightning delays play

Mother Nature certainly made herself known on Wednesday for the Eyre Peninsula Division Champion of Champions event hosted by the Cummins Golf Club and sponsored by the Cummins District Community Bank Branch.

Players from Port Lincoln, Coffin Bay, Tumby Bay, Streaky Bay, Cleve, Kimba, Cowell and Cummins golf clubs watched from inside the warm clubhouse as the rain and hail bucketed down.

Cummins president Liz Blacker welcomed the assembled ladies and handed over to Jinny Hussey, Eyre Peninsula Division ladies president, who welcomed all and wished everyone good golfing.

Acting captain Fiona Dahlitz went through the local rules before the groups of players were called and sent out to the various tee blocks around the lush green course.

Scuds of rain drifted over the course and were more a nuisance than anything else.

Wet weather gear was pulled on, peeled off and pulled on again.

Mother Nature then asserted herself with a number of overhead lightning bolts, which immediately halted play and had the players scurrying for cover.

Dahlitz took her vehicle on course to pick up players further away from the clubhouse.

Jill Arcus and Tiff Firth whizzed over the fairways in a golf cart to alert players to leave their balls as they lie and make their way to the clubhouse when it was safe to do so.

The match committee consulted the weather maps and lightning radar to decide the fate of the championship while the damp players were warmed up with mugs of delicious home made pumpkin soup.

After a 30-minute delay, players were once more out on course to continue their stroke game.

Judy Stirling’s electric buggy was a in a bit bother on the eighth fairway.

Stirling was concentrating solely on her ball and did not noticed that her buggy had not stopped as it was programmed to do and it was merrily on its way into the scrub with Gina Kenny in hot pursuit.

Stirling looked up after had her shot and wondered why Kenny was struggling to get Stirling’s buggy out of the entanglement.

Stirling was concentrating solely on her ball and did not noticed that her buggy had not stopped as it was programmed to do and it was merrily on its way into the scrub.

A reverse gear on those electronic buggies would be an advantage according to Kenny.

That buggy of Stirling’s had another wayward moment on the 17th bridge.

There might have been a near roll over with the bag on board spewing sticks asunder.

Val Sharrad watched her ball run all the way up to the top crown of a tree on the 15th and then promptly lost sight of the ball as it came back down to earth.

Time was spent searching for the lost ball and it was very nearly called lost before it was found on the next fairway over on the 16th.

Karen Georgiou had issues with the tee block and the creek on the 17th hole.

The first stroke was a perfect practice swing, the second shot splashed into the creek, which then made the third shot a penalty.

Finally the fourth flew over sweet and true.

The ladies all warmed their toes and filled their tummies with a sumptuous lunch at the 19th while the

The match committee went through the tallied cards and then announced a play off for the masters between Gina Kenny and Liz Zwar.

The two players pulled their clubs and buggies out of their cars, popped on their damp golf shoes and headed out into the falling rain with two referees to decide the winner in a sudden death play-off.

While the four ladies were on the course the raffle was drawn, Tiff Firth’s birthday was sung and a luscious ginger fluff sponge baked by Carmel Sheehan was shared.

The 2017 Eyre Peninsula Division Champion of Champions were: A grade Helen George, 85, B grade Liz Blacker, 101 and C grade Leonie Richter, 111.

Champion of champion runners-up were: A grade Kathie Roberts, 92, B grade Adie Fraser, 106, and C grade Jean Puckridge, 112.

Masters are the previous A grade club champions and Gina Kenny won the play-off over Liz Zwar.

Minor masters are previous B or C grade club champion winners and Pam Beinke 97/75 won it by one net stroke over Tiff Firth 104/76.

The novelties were nearest the pin, with A grade winner Leah Carr on the 17th , B grade Kathy Modra on the seventh and Sue Edwards on the fourth.