PHOTOS: Jessie Stott's silver AusMumpreneur award

A Port Lincoln mum’s app to help babies sleep has seen her win silver at this year’s AusMumpreneur Awards for digital innovation. 

Baby sleep consultant Jessie Stott developed the Baby Sleep Guide app to give advice and support to parents aiming to get their child to sleep through the night and transform bedtime routines.

Mrs Stott said when it came time to announce the winners of the digital innovation category she was so nervous her palms were sweaty and heart was racing. 

“This recognition for my work is an amazing achievement and something I will never forget,” she said. 

The Baby Sleep Guide app, developed in 2015, and is now gaining international attention in the App Store. 

“To my surprise international downloads are now surpassing the number of local (Australian) downloads.”

Now that the success of the app continues to gain momentum online, the mother of two said she was turning her attention to her sleep consulting service. 

“I am extremely passionate about helping parents implement the foundations of healthy sleep habits so that the whole family can enjoy the benefits of good night’s sleep.”

The app previously won gold for the best mobile app for children at the Best Mobile App Awards in 2016.