More land for residential development in Port Lincoln

Another 300 hectares of land in Port Lincoln will be available for residential development after changes to the city’s development plan were approved this week.

The new zones are designed to cater to demand for residential land for the next 15 years.

Port Lincoln mayor Bruce Green welcomed the Planning Minister’s approval saying it was exciting news.

The new zones include about 150 hectares of land north of Flinders Highway in the Happy Valley area and three smaller zones located at the bottom of Western Approach Road near the market garden, to the south of Flinders Highway near Teakle Wines and at the council’s northern boundary between Boundary Road and Milton Avenue.

“After many years of negotiation with the state government, studies, comprehensive analysis and community consultation, it is pleasing to see the city now has zoned land to accommodate additional housing to meet our future needs.”

All of the land in the Rural Living Zone and some land in the Rural Landscape Protection Zone has been rezoned.

Land previously off-limits for development can now be subdivided and further developed.

“This will provide existing and new residents with the opportunity of more choices for housing, taking advantage of the city and ocean views and lifestyle that Port Lincoln has to offer,” Mr Green said.

The council estimates the additional residential land will meet demand for new housing for at least 15 years, with enough land readily zoned to build up to 5000 houses.

Owners of affected land will be officially advised in the next week.

“The council has been proactive in ensuring that land is available to meet demand for housing as our city grows but also to be able to respond to increased housing requirements if there is rapid growth in the oil and gas industry and, or, major mining activity, both of which would bring new workers and families to Port Lincoln,” Mr Green said.

“There is more work to be done to ensure infrastructure is in place to support this growth.

“To continue to offer a quality lifestyle to all of our communities, council will need to work with land owners and developers on further planning, fair sharing of costs, timing and quality standards for open space, stormwater management, community facilities and water and sewer services.”