Drug action group moves to new phase

PHASE two of developing a local drug action plan has started with the final community meeting held late last month.

The Port Lincoln Local Drug Action Team will now begin collecting data and information from support organisations to analyse and identify where any gaps may be.

Team member Jo Clarke from West Coast Youth and Community Support said the two biggest things to come from the community meetings was the need for better communication about service availability and to have the voice and input of those with lived experience with drug and alcohol abuse valued.

She said it was made clear through the meetings there needed to be a communication strategy developed to let the community know about meetings and about the services available in the community. 

“That is one thing that we heard really consistently is that we need to include the voice of people with lived experience and of the community and we’ll continue to do that,” Ms Clark said. 

Ms Clark said the team would be kicking off the first meeting of the peer group with lived experience this week. 

“The lived experience group will feed into the drug action team to help develop the action plan and that is something we’re really excited about,” she said.

She said a family support group had also been established and would meet in the coming weeks. 

Ms Clark said the final community meeting had gone “really well” with a small but passionate group of community members present.

She said guest speaker Garridja Aboriginal Cultural Consultancy’s Tauto Sansbury spoke about generational trauma and how that could be one reason why people struggled with drug and alcohol addiction. 

“At all the forums we have posed the same question and that is: ​‘what do you know about drug and alcohol misuse in the community’ which has helped us get an understanding from a really broad section of the community,” Ms Clark said.