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LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to billie.harrison@fairfaxmedia.com.au.
LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to billie.harrison@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

Government needed, not parliament

South Australia needs to elect a government at the 2018 election not a fractured parliament, where the majority party has to continually acquiesce to the "self-interested" demands of elected independent, minor party or disaffected opposition members.

South Australia needs a strong government which can make and implement important decisions which the future of our state will depend on both economically and socially.

Unfortunately, both major political parties have ditched their original political platforms, whilst attempting to appease every interest group within the political spectrum in order to win an election.

The introduction of the "X Factor" at next year’s election will do nothing for strong, decisive leadership, but merely sentence our state to a government forced to make too many concessions and compromises in order to get any worthwhile legislation though parliament.

Our current opposition needs to clearly state what it proposes to do if it wins government, not continually harp on about the many mistakes of the current government.

Leadership is needed, not vote catching gimmicks and constant criticism.



Community should have been consulted

I am not satisfied with council’s patronising explanation of why councillors or maybe our chief executive officer, have chosen to ban burning in Tumby Bay township when it was a choice, the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) policy is a recommendation only.

I quote from council reply to my concern: “Council has requested that officers investigated recycling options however, if introduced this will come at a cost to residents. Given that this would be a new service, provided at cost, it would not be able to be introduced without extensive community consultation.”

I put to you now, why was the decision made regarding burning within the township not given extensive community consultation? 

Plus if recycling options are given it could be user pay. In saying that why wouldn’t the wood chipper already owned by rate payers be available? 

Also, prohibiting burning within townships – “the overarching consideration was the health of our population, with a higher than average elderly population” are you kidding?

When do we qualify as elderly? Why is council concern only for the so called elderly?

Council also quotes “unable to control internal household heating (open fires) or cooking fires”.

Tell me again how does the smoke from these fires differ from burning within townships ie incinerators or garden waste?

You have no answer? Because it is no different!

Townspeople have also had the option of getting a permit to burn taken away, why?

In my opinion, because council have chosen to ban township burning.

Contradictory and small minded come to my mind with the choice that council has made without community consultation.

Again I state rate payers if you are not happy with the decision stand up and demand it be revoked!


Tumby Bay

Dark age of daylight saving

Back to the “dark” ages again for six months!

Negative for health and hip pocket with a 15 per cent increase in power usage during this time in the state of the most expensive power in the world.