Letters to the editor

LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to billie.harrison@fairfaxmedia.com.au.
LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to billie.harrison@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

What a great show

I would like to congratulate the Yallunda Flat Show committee on a wonderful show this year, with many improvements accommodating families and especially the fantastic re enactment of the Australian Light Horse defeat of the Turks at the battle of Beesheba 100 years ago.

The commentary and detail that went in to it was great and very informative.

The authenticity of the uniforms and weaponry were great and the many hours of practice obvious.

This re enactment would be worthy of it being re enacted at the Royal Adelaide Show.

I just hope that a video was taken as a record. So congratulations again to all involved. What a great day.



TAFE disaster

For some time I advocated a thorough enquiry into the TAFE system in South Australia and was encouraged when the last review of TAFE SA was announced.

However, the review was completed over nine months ago and must have been pretty scathing of TAFE SA as it is yet to see the light of day.

In the meantime, TAFE SA has been rocked by one scandal after another.

TAFE SA’s dabbling in the delivery of well below standard courses is of no value to industry and is simply a waste of precious government funds.

We in industry need a workforce that is highly trained to industry standards and TAFE SA has demonstrated on numerous occasions that it is incapable of providing this.

Stop wasting money minister. I am aware you have a crisis on your hands in numerous areas so please act urgently for the good of SA.

Let those areas of TAFE SA that are supported by industry and delivering to industry standards prosper.

However, funds should be redirected to industry based not-for-profit training providers to enable them to meet industry needs for a highly-trained workforce in industry areas where TAFE SA has proven that it is incapable of doing so.


Port Lincoln

Mental Health Week

Mental health and wellbeing across Eyre Peninsula was positively celebrated and promoted throughout national Mental Health Week, with another resounding Sideshow Alley on the foreshore, together with a range of activities ranging from Sunday’s sunrise walk, fitness classes, a movie screening and fabulous men’s health sessions giving our community the opportunity to truly connect with each other.

Promotion and early intervention in the mental health space cannot be underestimated.

We don’t know how a simple conversation can change someone’s life.  

It can be random and no one can understand how a conversation at a time when someone may be at a crossroad can save lives. 

The article in the Port Lincoln Times Thursday, October 5 ‘Men’s Wellness Campaign: Meet the Men’ highlighted Mentally Fit EP’s campaign to specifically support men in our community address issues rather than suffer in silence and many men do.

The project to be launched in 2018 has been working with 30 men aged between 17 and 86 who share their tips for mental wellbeing. 

To clarify – the article stated that our 30 volunteers have “lived through the experience of mental illness”.

This is not strictly true, all of our wonderful volunteers have a desire to promote mental health and wellbeing, not necessarily through their own personal experiences.


On behalf of the Mentally Fit EP Committee