Fashioning perfect photos

The Port Lincoln Camera Club held a very successful meeting on September 25.

This meeting was extremely well attended and it was very pleasing to greet some new members and visitors to the club.

The winners for August were: set subject photojournalism first Alicia Whittle and Just Awarded His 30-year Medal, second Fran Solly Anzac March, third Stacey Leech with Thrifty Link Small Business.

August open winners were: first Alicia Whittle Lake Greenly, second Stacey Leech with Carefree Summer, third Rachel Fraser My Ronnie Boy.

Congratulations to all the winners.

Members were keen to practice their new found knowledge and members were fortunate to have four models.

The set subject for October is fashion photography and Fran Solly gave a most informative presentation on how to photograph fashion photography.

It was a very in-depth presentation and very well received by all present.

Members were keen to practice their new found knowledge and members were fortunate to have four models, Elliott and Josh Thyer, David Probert and Kaylin Williams.

The last 30 minutes of the meeting were very well spent, photographing these willing models.

The club held a very successful outing to Cummins, which was organised by Stacey Leech from Cummins.

This was well attended by camera club members and visitors from the Cummins area.

The first stop was Coles Point and Greenly Beach, where the group spent a couple of hours photographing anything and everything.

Tiff Firth was extremely helpful and spent most of her time helping members and visitors with their camera settings; Fran Solly also assisted members at Greenly Beach.

The group had dinner at the Cummins Hotel, which was enjoyed by all, with plenty of chatter on photogaphy.

it was agreed that it was a most successful outing and hopefully the visitors had a good insight into the Port Lincoln Camera Club and will become members.

The next general meeting is Monday, October 23 at 7pm at the Senior Citizens Hall.

All members please take your cameras and tripods.