Theft most common crime

PROPERTY damage, theft, assault and serious criminal trespass are among the most commonly committed crimes in Port Lincoln according to data published by South Australia Police. 

South Australia Police has released detailed crime statistical reporting at suburb and post code level.

For the month of August a total of 75 offences were recorded in Port Lincoln.

There were 29 cases of theft recorded in the city, five of those were the theft or illegal use of a motor vehicle, six were cases of theft from a motor vehicle, six were theft from a shop and 12 were recorded as other theft which includes household goods, bikes, gas, water or petrol.

There were 22 other property damage and environmental offences recorded, which includes any damage to property other than damage done by fire, explosion or graffiti.

Eleven serious criminal trespass offences at a residence were recorded and three for non-residence, which includes shops, banks, churches and schools. 

Seven acts intended to cause injury were committed which included six common assaults and one serious assault not resulting in injury.

One offence for threatening behaviour – threats to punish or injure a person or property – was also recorded along with two graffiti offences. 

This is the first time monthly crime statistics have been broken down into postcode or suburb area as  the statistics previously available online reflected a whole police local service area – like the local Eyre and Western Service area – which incorporates several towns or suburbs.

An interactive crime map provides information about crimes against people and against property in each  suburb or postcode area for the previous month.

Crimes against people and against property include break-ins, car crimes, robberies and assaults.

To view the interactive map visit

Five years of suburb-based crime date for crimes against people and against property are available online at