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LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to billie.harrison@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

A day to remember sacrifice

Our nation’s freedom has been maintained and paid for by the courageous and the selfless efforts of our military forces.

As we celebrate the Centennial of WWI, our wonderful men and women who went to battle for us along with tens of thousands of horses and other animals take a moment to reflect on the great cost they paid at the time.

Over the past century we have continued to lose loved ones in conflict during WWII, Korea, Vietnam, The Falklands and Afghanistan - all serving their country with pride, some to never return, some to return physically injured and others struggling mentally as they try to resume life in Civvy Street after their military time has been served.

As a result of conflict, parents lose their children and children lose their parents - all so that we can have a better, safer country in which to raise our families.

This Remembrance Day hopefully you remembered those who had gone before you and with respect - honoured their memory, their bravery and their sacrifice.

The wonderful work done by Legacy, the RSL and other organisations such as soldieron.org.au and Stand Tall for PTS honour their memory, their bravery and their sacrifice.

They offer ongoing support and recognition for families who are genuinely struggling.

Also the ANZ Military Imposters Group honours the memory, bravery and the sacrifice of our fallen and injured by ensuring that their memory is justly protected from those who would try to steal this honour and recognition which is not rightfully and never will be rightfully theirs to have.


Port Lincoln

Time to reflect on lives lost

At 11am on November 11, the nation falls silent to honour the bravery and sacrifice of the men and women who served in defence of our country.

Almost a century ago, the Armistice with Germany that ended the First World War was signed on this day.

Remembrance Day is the day we remember the service and sacrifice of every Australian — more than 1.5 million of them — who have served in defence of our nation and values.

We also reflect on more than 102,000 Australian lives lost in wars, conflicts and peacekeeping.

A red Flanders poppy is worn on Remembrance Day to acknowledge and honour those who gave their lives for our country.

Lest we forget.


Veterans’ Affairs Minister

Who cares?

Perhaps if our federal politicians and the media, spent more time worrying about where we are going, rather than where politicians have come from, perhaps we might actually get somewhere.

Time to move on to an issue or issues, which are far more important to us, the frustrated citizens of Australia.



No vote for Weatherill

Vote for Jay Weatherill? Not likely!

He’s the bloke who blew up our functioning power station and left us all in the dark.



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