Runners display skills

HIT: Elisa Bayley hits along the line for Roadrunners.

HIT: Elisa Bayley hits along the line for Roadrunners.

Port Lincoln and districts softball

A HOT muggy Saturday started with the junior teams lining up down the bench lines on diamond one for a minute’s silence for Remembrance Day.


Squaws def Shields 13-5

Squaws opened the game with five runs with patient batting and few safe hits before side away.

Shields’ first bat was short with scattered balls fielded and outs made at first.

The Red and Whites’ kept Shields’ Kaidy Morgan busy at left field as they crossed five batters home with safe hits all round and a two-bagger to Jennie-Lee Te Wano.

Shields’ second bat was also runless with batted balls being fielded and three quick outs.

The top of the third innings saw one run to Squaws with Jennie-Lee Te Wano and Lisa Hage having safe hits, as Kaidy Morgan took revenge at left field catching all balls coming her way.

Shields had balls flying to the outfield but could not get runners home. 

Squaws’ fourth bat had balls into the open gloves of the Shields’ outfielders and no runs scored.

Shields came out firing scoring five runs for the game with outfield safe hits and fast legs.

Squaws’ last crack at bat had balls in the air to players and a short dig.

The bottom of the fifth saw Shields hitting to right field before the outs were made and time called.

Best at bat: Squaws: Jennie-Lee Te Wano, Livinia Kerley (both three from four); Shields: Luka Woods, Jodi Bellchambers (both two from three). Best in field: Squaws: Livinia Kerley (three assists, one out); Shields: Kaidy Morgan (seven outs).

Roadrunners def Eagles 25-1

First in the batter’s box was Eagles, opening with one run from Koren Jenkins before three quick outs.

Roadrunners’ batters went to work straight away opening with six runs with safe hits and fast legs and a sensational cerntrefield home run from superstar Amelia Rusden before side away.

Second bat for Eagles got batters on bases before the Roadies strong infield made the outs for no score.

Three Runners crossed home with big outfield hits and a double-bagger from Tanya Habner pushing players around the diamond before Eagles tightened their field to make the outs.

The top of the third and start of the line up gave Eagles a fresh start but getting the ball past Jaclyn Hage was impossible and they were quickly returned to the bench.

A massive 11 runs were scored in the Roadies’ third bat as the players showed off their impressive batting skills with balls raining down in the outfield with a double-baser to Amelia Rusden and centrefield home run to Jaclyn Hage.

It was a short dig with the bat for Eagles, again unable to push through the Hage barrier.

Roadies scored five in the fourth with Speedy Gonzalez legs and a lovely three-bagger to Mia French.

Eagles’ last bat saw no runs scored.

Roadies had one more go at bat before youngster Quinnie Skinn made two of the three outs and game was called.

Best at bat: Roadrunners: Tanya Habner (three from four); Eagles: Koren Jenkins (one from three). Best in field: Roadrunners: Jaclyn Hage (two assists, four outs); Eagles: Gemma Fowler (two assists, one out).


Squaws def Shields 8-0

The Red and Whites opened their scorebook with two runs with safe infield hits before the outs were made.

Shields first bat had batters swinging but unable to get runners home with outs made in the in-field.

Squaws second bat started with a centrefield hit from Paquita White and quick outs from Shields’ fielders and no runs scored.

Shields were also scoreless in the second innings with three batters up and out.

Top of the third innings had Squaws increase by one run as careful batting got Sharon Kemp home and three quick outs soon followed.

The Black and Golds had three batters up and out as tight in-fielding made the outs.

One run was scored in the fourth bat for Squaws with errors made before Shields’ hotshot pitcher Tara Welsh struck out two batters and side away.

Shields were back in the batter’s box and Courtney Balek pelted a ball out to centrefield before three quick catches and back to the field with no runs scored.

Squaws added one run with a few safe outfield hits as youngster Livinia Kerley made it home before Welsh struck out two more batters and a sneaky out from Juliette Tsesmelis from behind home plate.

Bottom of the fifth innings had Shields putting bat to ball but unable to push through the tight infield as Lisette Harris and junior Kimberley Simes made the outs.

Squaws’ last bat had them gather three more runs as Livinia Kerley made it to second on errors as the field tightened and made the outs and time in game called.

Best at bat: Squaws: Kimberley Simes, Kayla Perry, Livinia Kerley, Lisette Harris, Kerry-Ann Simes (all two from four); Shields: Stacey McCarroll (one from one). Best in field: Squaws: Sharon Kemp (one assist, five outs); Shields: Tara Welsh (five strikeouts, two assists, one out).

Roadrunners def Eagles 31 – 2

First bat was short for Eagles as it was a quick three up and out as Roadies’ legendary pitcher Carlie Hutchins, struck out two of the three outs.

Nine was the opening number for Roadrunners batters with safe batting and fast running getting players home and Mia French knocking out a stand-up double.

Back in the batter’s box Eagles put bat to ball. Shannel Bartley had a safe hit to short before side away.

Bottom of the second innings and Roadrunners increased their tally by 12 with big hitters stepping up as Mia French hit another stand-up double, Amy O’Leary smacked out a three-bagger and Donna Bowey hammered out a left field home run.

Top of the third innings and Eagles’ Sarah Laube punched out a right field home run, securing Eagles’ first run for the game.

Roadrunners were undeterred and collected 10 more with Brooke Neindorf and Molly Rusden both hitting stand-up doubles, Donna Bowey knocking out a three-bagger, and Carlie Hutchins slapping out a right field home run.

Eagles last bat saw Tosha McIntosh having a safe hit and making it home for a second run before all rounder Elisa Heath made two outs as pitcher and time called.

Best at bat: Roadrunners: Carlie Hutchins, Mia French (both four from four); Eagles: Sarah Laube, Tosha McIntosh, Shannel Bartley (all one from two). Best in field: Roadrunners: Carlie Hutchins (three strikeouts, three assists); Eagles: Eliza Jacob (two outs).


Squaws def Shields 10-0

First in the batter’s box was Squaws who collected their seven runs with patient batting and quick legs.

Shields’ first bat saw players hitting but Squaws’ tight fielding kept them scoreless.

Top of the second innings again had patient batters with walks aplenty pushing runners around the diamond with three runs added.

Shields came back swinging and loaded bases before the third out was made by Squaws’ infield.

Squaws were patient in the box and safe hits came from Shadya Kerley and Kia Bascomb before the outs were made and time in game called and scores reverted.

Best at bat: Squaws: Kia Bascomb (one from two); Shields: Isabella Harris, Holley Shepperd, Eliza Hartwich (all one from one). Best in field: Squaws: Tygh Te Wano (six outs); Shields: Holley Shepperd (three strikeouts, two assists).

Eagles def Roadrunners 14-0

Eagles were first to bat with up and coming superstars Eliza Jacob and Shenice Wells both smashing three-base hits to left field and the team opening their score with three runs.

Roadrunners’ first bat had players hitting but unable to cross home plate.

Second bat for Eagles saw runners stealing every base possible and two runs scored before Roadies’ ace pitcher, Airlie O’Brien made the three outs.

A short batting dig for Roadies with Eagles’ pitcher Eliza Jacob making two of the three outs.

Top of third innings had Eagles cross two runners home with a stand-up double to Katie Wells.

Roadrunners batters found the open gloves of Eagles infielders for three quick outs.

Four runs were added to Eagles’ tally at the top of the fourth as Eliza Jacob and Katie Wells both hit stand-up doubles and Jakoda Skinn got to third on errors.

Roadrunners’ batters did not give up and were hitting balls to the Eagles’ fielders who rallied and made the outs.

Eagles’ fifth bat opened with right field home runs to Jakoda Skinn and Shenice Wells as their score increased by three. Roadrunners’ final bat had balls flying but outs were made and time in game.

Best at bat: Eagles: Eliza Jacob (three from four); Roadrunners: Charlee Watt (one from three). Best in field: Eagles: Eliza Jacob (two strikeouts, three assists, two outs); Roadrunners: Airlie O’Brien (one strikeout, four assists, three outs).