Close junior matches

Port Lincoln tennis

THE Port Lincoln Tennis Association junior competition had its first draw for the season and another match came down to games.

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Williams 6 sets 56 games drew with Stosur 6 sets 56 games

In the doubles round Toby Casanova and Lochie Day worked hard in their match winning 7-3 in the tiebreak.

Stosur hit back with Edward Kutny and Kodah Young winning their match in the tiebreak 7-3.

After the doubles Williams had a one-game advantage moving into the singles.

William kept the scoreboard ticking over with wins to Toby Casanova, Connor Harrison and Jayden Townsend.

Stosur were up to the challenge with wins to Abbey Bates, Isabella Townsend, Edward Kutney and when Holly Bates won her match in the tiebreak 7-3 their team had gone one set ahead.

The match would come down to the last set of the day with Sibeal Hopkins having her team hopes riding on her shoulders.

In what would be the match of the night Hopkins managed to get home 7-4 in the tiebreak resulting in the first draw of the season.

McDonald’s Best Player: Sibeal Hopkins

Barty 6 sets 54 games def Nadal 6 sets 51 games

In the doubles Flynn Giesberts and Will West combined well to give Nadal their first set.

Mitchell Bailey and Rivva Rayfield for Barty levelled the scores with some strong hitting.

After the doubles Barty had a two-game advantage. In the singles Caleb Johnston for Nadal played consistent tennis winning in the tiebreak 8-6.

Barty hit back with wins to Mitchell Bailey, Will Hyde and Hunter Gray who kept the scoreboard ticking over.

Nadal had strong performers in Kit West, Flynn Giesberts and Will West kept the match within reach.

But it was Rory Southam for Barty that stood up to the challenge when needed winning his match convincingly to give his team the win by three games.

McDonald’s Best Player: Rory Southam

Djokovic 10 sets 68 games def Federer 2 sets 40 games

In the doubles Djokovic dominated winning all the sets.

Sally Cabot tried to get her team back in the match with some get shots and when her brother Thomas got home in the tiebreak 8-6 their team had some hope but this was short lived with Djokovic dominating the rest of the singles to get home with a convincing win.

McDonald’s Best Player: Huey Cliff

Friday night mixed tennis

The Friday night competition had superb conditions for tennis. The deck was smoking hot with the cooks firing up the barbecue to the point of setting it on fire.

With some last minute changes to some of the teams the captains were challenged to field teams so well done to everyone for fielding a team.

Liberty North Shields 9 sets 73 games def Sportspower Superstore 7 sets 60 games

In the doubles Liberty North Shields were on fire winning all the matches.

Sportspower tried to get back in the match with wins to Danyon Nisbet, Jack Bradford and Josh Bradford who starred for their team.

Liberty North Shields kept the scoreboard ticking over through the efforts of Bonni Wheadon, Mikaela Montgomerie and when Tammy Shepperd gave her daughter a tennis lesson, winning convincingly, their team were back in front.

Sportspower with their backs to the wall their team tried to keep in the match with David Stoeckel and Kirby White getting home in the tiebreak and with two other victories they were back in the match.

But it was the mother and son combination of Kerry Anne and Jeb Casanova for Liberty North Shields that got their team the points when they won 6-2.

Best players: Bonni Wheadon and Sarah Underdown

Bendigo Bank 13 sets 94 games def Wilson Amer 3 sets 59 games

Best players: Tarnia Rowley and Jarryd Kalyvas

Port Lincoln Boat Supplies 14 sets 89 games def McDonalds 2 sets 37 games

Best players: Joseph Harris and Brigette Gray

Men’s Monday night tennis

Gill Penfold Kelly keep winning the close matches and will be a threat come finals time.

EP Seafoods looked awesome with team members taking to the courts in their new tops.

Gill Penfold Kelly 4 sets 31 games def Terry White Chemmart 2 sets 31 games

In the opening doubles Gary Hetzel and Nathan Beljon for Gill Penfold Kelly were put to the test in their match winning in the tiebreak.

Paul Izzo and Seb Henderson dominated for Terry White Chemmart to level the scores.

In the second round Gill Penfold Kelly had the shots when it counted winning both matches.

In the final round Chris Baird and Seb Henderson tried to keep their team in the match when they won 7-5 but Gill Penfold Kelly were up to the task with Gary Hetzel and Thomas Bradford combining well to give their team the win.

Best players: Gary Hetzel and Sebastian Henderson

The Fresh Fish Place 5 sets 35 games def EP Seafoods 1 set 25 games

Best players: Shaun Maxfield and Peter Figl

Cruz Contractors 5 sets 35 games def Eyre Eye Centre 1 set 28 games

Best players: Jeb Casanova and Nic Bates

The Pier Hotel 6 sets 36 games def Shepperd Building Company 0 sets 16 games

Best players: Todd McShane and Mario Piantadosi