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LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to billie.harrison@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

Men Behaving Badly

I recently read the Facebook post of a fellow musician who was harassed terribly by an ugly, drunk sporting team at her place of work in Port Lincoln on the weekend.

Security and management failed to act, mates egged on mates and bystanders stood by.

My guess is the drunken ‘sportsmen’ were spending loads of cash and of course, despite huge penalties, financial opportunity sees many a venue turn a blind eye to this kind of behaviour.

Boys will be boys, after all.

And the bystanders? Not really their problem I suppose.

But EVERYBODY has to act if things are to change.

Vote with your feet and your dollars.

If you see these things happening, speak up, tell management and don't support venues that don't create safe environments for women.

Many of my 30 years working as a musician have been spent on Eyre Peninsula and I could fill a book with my sexual harassment experiences.

I've had years of all the usual 'show us your tits' (and worse), I've lost count of the number of drunk 'hilarious' men that have grabbed my microphone and simulated masturbation while I was trying to sing.

I have badly broken front teeth from a microphone being pushed into my face as a man forced his way on to stage to grope my breasts.

I've had drinks spiked, I've been stalked and cornered in deserted car parks and toilets.

And I tell this to make the point that for a female musician of my age, that's really nothing very unusual.

We have to make sure it's better for the next generation of female musicians. And bar staff. And customers.

It’s everybody’s business.

‘The standard you walk past, is the standard you accept’ has become something of a cliché in recent weeks. It needs to become action. 


Port Adelaide

Parks changes discourage locals

Having just read Summer campers to test park bookings and comments in Tuesday’s Port Lincoln Times, November 14, it is pathetic to think that after all these years the older population are restricted to visit these parks through bureaucratic decisions.

It would appear it is to protect caravaners and campers more than visitors.

I have been a resident coming and going since 1968.

My families have spent many, many hours in these parks when growing up as we have too.

We are now restricted due to the fact that some of us do not have smart phones, do not use online facilities or banking online.

On the spur of the moment a lot of us hop in the car on a nice day and go for a drive. Where to? Our national parks of course.

I have family and visitors coming to Port Lincoln over the period of the next three months and I refuse to support the local parks, which belong to all of us.

I guess the Cummins and Tumby Bay areas are going to get our support.

The comments made by our visitors David and Beth George in their decision not to visit I agree with.

Paying at the gate was a far better idea.

You might get more campers but you are sure not going to get more locals visiting.


Port Lincoln

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