New Port Lincoln Times journalist Jon Ovan at home in Lincoln

New Port Lincoln Times journalist Jon Ovan is pleased to be returning to his “hometown”.

His parents, Robert and Hetty Ovan (nee Langerak) grew up as teenagers in Port Lincoln, before moving the family to Adelaide when Mr Ovan was 8. 

In September he completed a two-week internship at the Port Lincoln Times.

“I really enjoyed completing my internship in my hometown, which I visit yearly, and the people I worked with were all so friendly and helpful.

“I particularly liked writing news and telling peoples stories within a community I am familiar with, as I still keep in contact with friends down here.”

Mr Ovan finished his degree in Media majoring in journalism this month and has spent the last year and a half volunteering for various programs at community radio station Radio Adelaide.

As a child he attended Port Lincoln Junior Primary and Primary schools and his favourite teacher was Mrs P.

“I really fostered my love for reading and writing in Port Lincoln while at the junior primary school here,” Mr Ovan said.

“I was put onto the Deltora Quest books by someone at school and I’ve been a reader and writer ever since.”

Mr Ovan has finished all the coursework to complete his Bachelor of Media (Journalism) at The University of Adelaide and will graduate in March, 2018.

He spent two years studying a double degree in finance and economics before switching to a journalism degree.

“I realised that working with derivatives and managing peoples money didn’t interest me that much anymore.

“I decided to play to my strengths which are writing essays and sharing people’s stories.

“The natural step was to do a communications related degree,” Mr Ovan said.

Mr Ovan plans to join friends and play for the Wayback Football Club next year and hopes to improve his woeful surfing ability in the great surfing conditions the local area has to offer.