Silo project to go ahead | PHOTOS

The Tumby Bay silos will be painted by April next year by an international grade artist after the project received $85,000 from the state government’s Fund My Neighbourhood program.

The silo art project was the the most popular regional project and the fourth most popular project in the state, receiving 354 votes.

Three other Lower Eyre Peninsula projects also received funding, including one other project in Tumby Bay, one in Cummins, and another in Port Neill. 

The Tumby Bay Pioneer Tower project received $60,000, $11,612 will go to The Right to Wind in Your Hair project in Cummins and $17,000 will go to Port Neill to build a new roof for the town’s War Memorial Hall.

The Colour Tumby group, responsible for securing the funding for the Tumby Bay silo mural, will decide on an artist by the end of this week and will then confirm the dates they are available.

An artist will be contracted by January before beginning painting in March.

The artist will spend one or two weeks in Tumby Bay to capture the essence of the town before their creativity is unleashed on the silos.

Farmer and Colour Tumby group member Dion LeBrun said it was exciting to have an “absolutely world class” artist visit the town and paint the silos.

“It’s about making Tumby a better place to live and to visit,” Mr Lebrun said.

“We want to be known as a friendly, progressive and go ahead town.”

Local jeweller and Colour Tumby group member Paul Stoddard said the initiative by the government and the money captured by local communities on the Eyre Peninsula showed the attitude of smaller communities.

“The funding given to Port Neill, Cummins and Tumby Bay shows smaller communities working hard,” Mr Stoddard said

“We know how beautiful Tumby is, we know how nice it is, but people don’t usually turn into Tumby.

“They think Port Lincoln’s another half an hour away and so continue on instead.

“We hope this brings more people visiting our community.”