A tight Eagles victory


Eagles def Shields 12-11

THREE runs started the tally for Eagles in the opening innings of the game with players hitting hard and quick legs crossing home.

Shields first bat had one run scored as the next three batters were up and out in quick succession.

Another two runs were added to Eagles’ scorebook with stand up doubles from veterans Sam Higgins and Tash Miegel before the third out and side away.

Shields crossed two runners over home plate with patient batting before fielders tightened.

Top of the third innings was brief as errors were made on the field before regrouping to make three straight outs and one run scored.

Shields were cracking the bat, collecting two runs for the dig as the infield dug deep to make the outs.

Fourth bat for Eagles had the first three batters make it home as the next three hits were caught returning batters to the bench.

It was mirrored plays from Shields batters in the bottom of the fourth with safe hits and fast legs getting three runners home as fly ball magnet Shenice Wells caught two of the three outs.

A final push for runs had Eagles claim three runs as Koren Jenkins and Sam Higgins had stellar two-base hits to centrefield as catches were made and side away.

Nerves were high with Shields pushing for runs as Luka Woods pumped out a cracking three-bagger to centrefield helping her team get runners home.

It was three runs scored and balls falling into the gloves of Eagles fielders to take the win.

Best at bat: Eagles: Koren Jenkins (four from four); Shields: Zoey Muller (three from four).

Best in field: Eagles: Koren Jenkins (one strikeout, four outs); Shields: Jodi Bellchambers (seven outs, two catches).

Squaws def Rebels 33-1

Ella Blewit started the Squaws going with a left field double, prompting Kimberley Simes to knock out a left field three-bagger.

Kayla Perry whacked a wonderful left field home run and it was six runs scored before side away.

It was a short dig for Rebels’ batters as Alana Jantke worked her magic, striking out two of the three outs.

Squaws did what they do best in the top of the second, adding 14 runs to their tally as they showed off their batting talents clobbering the ball all over the field as Alana Jantke hit a three-bagger and Jennie-Lee Te Wano smashed a left field homerun as catches were made.

Another short bat for Rebels despite valiant efforts as text book plays were made by the faultless Squaws field.

At the top of the third innings five runs were scored by Squaws as safe hits to the outfield were successful and patient batting paid off.

Hannah Pycroft made a safe hit to centrefield in Rebels’ fourth bat as her efforts went unrewarded as Squaws made quick outs to prevent runs being made.

An additional nine runs were added to Squaws’ tally as Alana Jantke hit two stand-up doubles and her team-mates back her up with safe hits.

The bottom of the fourth innings and last bat for Rebels opened with Shantelle Pickett hitting safely to left field as nothing could escape the mighty gloves of Squaws infielders and time in game.

Best at bat: Squaws: Ella Blewit and Alana Jantke (both three from four); Rebels: Hannah Pycroft and Shantelle Pickett (both one from two).

Best in field: Squaws: Alana Jantke (five strikeouts, one assist); Rebels: Shannen Hearne (three outs, one assist).


Shields def Eagles 14-3

Eagles were first to bat in a short dig as batters found the open gloves of Shields’ infield and quickly returned to the bench.

It was a similar story for Shields’ first bat as they too put bat to ball, finding fielders and not scoring any runs.

The top of the second innings was a fresh start but Eagles could not get the ball past Shields’ infielder Heather Lawson at second with one out and two assist.

Shields next bat opened with Stacey Smith hammering a stunning home run to centrefield as they scored two runs before Eagles tightened their fielding and outs were made.

Shields’ infielders were on their toes during Eagles’ third bat with three quick outs and back to the field.

Ten runs were made in the bottom of the third as Stacey Smith pelted out a stunning centrefield home run and Kylie Dorward hit a two-bagger helping runners around the bases as Eagles scurried to make the final out.

It was another short dig for Eagles’ batters with Heather Lawson again stopping their hits.

The bottom of the fourth innings had Shields gather two more runs for their tally with Rachel Sherry and Kylie Dorward having safe hits.

It was Groundhog Day for Eagles with batters unable to get the ball passed the infield and no runs scored.

The Tigers found similar issues in their fifth bat, unable to increase their score.

The first batter for Eagles in their last bat, opened with Sharee Richards smashing a stunning three-bagger to centrefield and crossing three runs.

Shields’ last bat was fruitless with Eagles up and coming superstar junior Jakoda Skinn seizing a quick-thinking double play to end the game.

Best at bat: Shields: Rachel Sherry (five from five), Stacey Smith (three from four including two home runs); Eagles: Sharee Richards (two from three).

Best in field: Shields: Heather Lawson (two out, six assists); Eagles: Sarah Laube (three outs, five assists).

Squaws def Rebels 29-1

The Squaws ladies opened their scorebook with five runs crossed with patient batting and safe hits before some tidy outs by Shannen Hearne at shortstop.

Rebels scored one run in their first bat with patient batting paying off for Tiarnie Edwards collecting said run, before quick outs and back to the field.

The second bat had Squaws gather a cool nine runs with safe outfield hits and patient batting plus sneaky legs getting runners around the diamond.

Rebels had a short crack at bat with catches made for side away.

Putting bat to ball, Squaws’ score swelled by a whopping 15 runs in the top of the third innings with all batters getting a safe hit and the Rebels’ outfield fielding most balls and errors made.

A final attempt to capture some runs was cut short for Rebels with three up and out in quick succession in the gloves of Kimberley Simes, Livinia Kerley and Anita Smith.

Best at bat: Squaws: Livinia Kerley (five from five); Rebels: Jessica Harder and Chloe Howe (both one from one).

Best in field: Squaws: Livinia Kerley (one out, two assists); Rebels: Shannen Hearne (three assists).


Eagles def Shields 10-4

The little Eagles were first to bat collecting three runs with a safe hit from Eliza Jacob and a stand up double from Laura Miskin, before balls were up and caught by the Tigers’ infield.

Shields’ batters were swinging hard but unable to score with a safe hit to Holley Shepperd.

In the top of the second innings Eagles’ batters waited patiently in the batter’s box collecting walks and earning runs with safe hits from Quinishia Skinn and Shenice Wells, with a maximum of seven runs and side away.

Four runs were scored by the Tiger Cubs, as Eliza Hartwich and Holley Shepperd recorded safe hits for their side before Eliza Jacob pitched two strikeouts and side away.

A third innings started with a sensational left field smash homerun to Quinnie Skinn and patient batting from her fellow batters, collecting the maximum seven runs before side away, time called and scores reverted.

Best at bat: Eagles: Quinnie Skinn (two for two including one home run), Eliza Jacob (two for two).

Best in field: Eagles: Eliza Jacob (four strikeouts, two assists); Shields: Isabella Harris and Holley Shepperd (one out each).

Squaws def Rebels 14-9

The Red and Whites were first in the batter’s box opening with their maximum seven runs with walks all round doing the work.

Patience too paid off for Rebels’ batters as they started their tally with six runs crossed and a safe hit from Kymberley Flavel as Squaws’ pitcher Sarah Mundy threw down two strikeouts and assisted in the third out.

Tygh Te Wano opened the second bat for Squaws with a stand up double to centrefield as patient batting helped others cross home as Cate Pearce also had a safe hit before Tygh Te Wano again smashed on out to centrefield making it to second before side away and their total firm on 14 runs.

The bottom of the second innings saw Rebels gather an additional three runs with patient batting before Sarah Mundy struck out the three outs and time in game.

Best at bat: Squaws: Tygh Te Wano (two from two), Cate Pearce (one from one); Rebels: Kymberley Flavel (one from two).

Best in field: Squaws: Sarah Mundy (five strikeouts, one assist); Rebels: Narelle Bunting (one strikeout, one assist).