Airport set to promote local events

Lower Eyre Peninsula community events will be displayed throughout the year on the panel display at the Port Lincoln Airport, temporarily replacing seasonal images from the Eyre Peninsula.

Events such as the SALT Festival, Day at the Bay and Tunarama are examples of events that may be promoted on the panels.

The Lower Eyre Peninsula District Council voted at last month’s council meeting to use the full-length of the back lit panel to promote major community events, as long as it did not compromise the commercial advertising agreement in place at the airport.

Lower Eyre Peninsula District Council mayor Julie Low said it was a good opportunity to showcase major events in the region to both locals and tourists entering the Port Lincoln Airport.

Ms Low said community groups had expressed an interest in displaying signage and the council would consider options such as full panel or singular panel advertising. 

The council supported advertising of significant community events on the basis that the promotion benefited both the airport and the region.

Guidelines for advertising at the airport are yet to be decided.

The SALT Festival featured as an advertisement earlier this year, prompting discussions by council.

Previously, the panels at the entry to the departure lounge have displayed photographs such as farmers holding crops, harvesters, grain, and extreme weather from across the Eyre Peninsula.