25 years of community | PHOTOS

The Cummins Op shop is celebrating its 25-year anniversary and its contribution to the community over those years, with more than $160,000 going back to the Cummins community since it first opened.

Cummins Op Shop president Sharon Lee said the shop had “come a long way” since its inception in 1992 and was fortunate to have the support of the “generous” Cummins community.

About 40 volunteers from Cummins and surrounding areas pitch in to help sort through donations and run the shop.

Mrs Lee said it was “absolutely amazing” to celebrate 25 years of operation and it showed how the community worked together through hard times.

She said the op shop started due to hardship in the community as there was a need for people to be able to purchase cheaper clothes in good condition.

“The shop helps those out in need and also can distribute excess goods which otherwise would have gone to landfill,” Mrs Lee said.

“The community has shown great support for the op shop through continual donation and purchases.”

Mrs Lee said the shop was not just a place to purchase cheaper items, it also improved people’s lives.

She said the op shop offered volunteers a social outing and gave them a “sense of purpose”.

“It is a place to go and communicate with others,” Mrs Lee said.

“People can do something they enjoy while also helping out their community.”

The Cummins Op Shop has moved premises twice throughout its history, once in 2000 and again in 2007.

The op shop owns its current property, which gives the community-run store more stability than renting.

With grants from the Bendigo Bank and the Lower Eyre Peninsula District Council, the shop is in the process of building a large shed to store and sell large items such as furniture.

Mrs Lee said the highlight of the op shop’s history was its Australia Day organisation of the year award in January 2004. 

Community events such as ceramics classes have also been run at the op shop.

Customers can purchase a bag of clothes or shoes for $5 at the op shop until March.