Pitch in ideas at SALT launch

SALT Festival organisers are hoping to get the Lower Eyre Peninsula’s creativity flowing when it launches the 2018 festival – which will run from April 20 to 29 – later this week. 

The launch will also open the application process so anyone with ideas can put their plans in motion.

Festival coordinator Lisa Kuerschner said the feedback on last year’s festival from contributors and the community was positive and helpful.

She said the application process had been streamlined to allow more time for contributors and organisers to work with people on their events or ideas.

“The idea of the launch is to get the event back into people’s minds and to bring people together, to get them networking and sharing their ideas and get the creative juices going again,” Miss Kuerschner said.

“It is an opportunity for people to talk to the SALT team and ask any questions for a really productive launch.”

Miss Kuerschner said after this year’s festival the SALT team took a few months to catch their breath and bring some new ideas to the table. 

“After the dust settled we were blown away with not only the events but also with how the community came together,” she said. 

She said a focus for next year’s event was to continue to incorporate the whole Lower Eyre Peninsula.

Miss Kuerschner said making connections to other people, towns and places was an important part of the festival’s ethos. 

“It really all comes back to our motto ‘anything is possible’,” she said. 

She said the launch was about everyone coming together and sharing their ideas, big, small and in between. 

Miss Kuerschner said the SALT team wanted to give people a push to show the community what they worked on in their sheds, studios and homes. 

“What last year showed us was that there is this underbelly of art and the festival gives these creative people a reason to keep producing and to show it off.”

She said now that SALT existed, the team was focused on paving the way for a sustainable festival. 

“Whether you’re an existing contributor, someone who is interested in holding an event next year or a punter who enjoyed the festival, the launch will be the place to hear about next year and network with other creative minded people.”

The SALT 2018 launch will be at Beer Garden Brewing on December 7 from 7pm.