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LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to billie.harrison@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

Nuclear future

I thank Wayne Tyrrell for his endorsement of my pro-nuclear stance (Times, December 5).

May I assure him and your readers that I've just commenced my 20th year of promoting the world nuclear industry and urging for Australia to include nuclear in our energy mix.

Over those 20 years, I've made dozens of speeches and given four talks on the ABC Radio National Ockham's Razor program.

I spoke to 90 members, including 40 women, of the Mitcham Hills Probus Club last week. They were all keen to see nuclear included in our energy future.

And I've been ‘at’ the politicians of all parties to get on board with it during that time.

Sadly, they are generally a timid, unimaginative, mostly ill-informed lot, although Peter Treloar, to his credit, is one of several who are onside.

Here are three facts with a comment on each from me, which anyone keen to see an affordable, secure, reliable supply of base load electricity and very significant jobs, industry, infrastructure development in SA over coming decades, needs to consider very closely.

FACT 1: Over the past 20 years, the world has spent $2.3 trillion on subsidies for the renewables (mostly sun and wind) which generated just 2.8 per cent of its electricity and achieved no emissions reductions. 

COMMENT: The renewables have been a scandalous wasteful folly and SA should cease any further subsidies and development of them by 2020 at the latest.

FACT 2: As of May 2017, there were 32 countries continuing to generate 11.5 per cent of the world's electricity in 447 reactors. Those 32 and 17 additional countries were building 59 reactors at the time, 170 reactors had been planned and 372 proposed for the future. China has 35, is building 21 and plans another 180 by 2050,

COMMENT: Nuclear power generation is growing rapidly around the world and Australia (SA) with the world's biggest uranium reserves and the world's best high level nuclear waste site should join that rapid nuclear build – as soon as  possible.

FACT 3: The uranium contained in the Olympic Dam deposit (20 per cent of world's recoverable reserves), and used in the developing Integral Fast Reactor (IFR) could power the entire planet for 4000+ years.

COMMENT: Development of the full nuclear fuel cycle, including the generation of nuclear power and high level waste disposal over coming decades in SA is a no brainer.

What have we done in SA? Bulldozed our coal power station at Port Augusta, gone mad on the inadequate expensive renewables (sun and wind), bought a big battery with a life span of seven years, going to build a gas fired power station and a solar thermal unit at Port Augusta, solar thermal has failed in the US, bought several large diesel generators et cetera.

What a mess we have made of our energy future.

One single technology (nuclear) would do the job for us. How negligent, irresponsible, indeed, how foolish we have been.


Port Lincoln

Another photo opportunity

It would be gratifying if at the next photo opportunity both Turnbull and Shorten were annnouncing and celebrating the end of homelessness and abused children and the elderly!

Possibly Jay could get into the act too.



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