Lincoln to define city relationships

THE Port Lincoln City Council wants to better define its ‘friendships’ with other cities after the Chinese city of Xining expressed interest in establishing a sister city relationship with Port Lincoln.

Xining delegate Ma Zhongyi approached mayor Bruce Green expressing the wishes of Xining Municipal Government to establish a sister city or twin city friendship.

The council’s acting chief executive officer Trish Aukett said Mr Ma had researched Port Lincoln and believed there were opportunities for a mutually beneficial relationship but councillors questioned the move.

Councillor Linda Davies said she wanted the council to define what the relationships meant. 

“We need a definition of what a sister city is, what a friendship city is because it’s all good to have them but we’ve got to know the meaning behind it,” she said.

Councillor Diana Mislov said she thought “only good” could come from the relationships and they brought a lot of opportunities for Port Lincoln.

While most councillors agreed more clarity on the relationships was needed, some also suggested existing relationships like the one with Muroto should get first preference.

“I think we need to revisit our ongoing relationships ahead of this request from Mr Ma...” councillor Peter Jolley said.

The council agreed ‘in principle’ to developing formal relationships with other cities and to continue discussions with Mr Ma and the city of Xining.

Councillors also asked Ms Auckett for more information about the commitment required of the council.