Snapper ban ending soon

State championships

Archer Appleton and Riley Peters attended the State Freshwater Championships held on the Murray River recently.

Archer caught a carp weighing 5.06 kilograms and Riley caught one at 5.36 kilograms both using one kilogram line.

Now for what was biting and where.

West Coast

Mulloway, gummy and bronze whaler sharks are being reported regularly.

Mulloway range from 9kg to a genuine 40kg whopper caught a couple of weeks ago.

Salmon are far and few between.

Some snapper more than 9kg were caught and released as the snapper ban continues until noon on December 15.

Coffin Bay

The sandhills to Sir Isaacs had mixed bags of whiting, garfish, trevally and tommies.

Offshore, there should be reports in soon of samsons, tuna and kingys with anglers getting out during the calm mid-week weather.

Farm Beach, Gallipoli and Frenchman areas had plenty of just undersize whiting but by moving drops you can usually find bigger fish including some up to 40 centimetres.

Almonta and Gunyah salmon were on the small size but mullet and big tommies are on the chew.

Port Lincoln

The main wharf had squid and more reports of 33 to 38centimetre whiting especially at dusk.

The town jetty had squid and snook at night.

Plenty of salmon from half a kilo to one and half kilos are cruising the local bays chasing baitfish.

They were found from the North Shore through to Proper Bay.

The North Shore has also had heaps of small to medium squid.

Sleaford to Wanna had salmon schools but they were often out of casting range.

Millers and the Salmon Hole had mullet, big tommies and small to medium salmon.

Rat Kings are still in the Lincoln Marina.

Port Neill/Arno Bay

Yellowfin are on the beaches while king george whiting, squid and snook were being hooked by boaties.

Tumby Bay

Good size yellowfin whiting were reported off the beaches taking lures and baits.

Baits accounted for more yellowfin when the wind and floating weed made lure fishing hard.


Blue crabs were in Franklin Harbour and out from Lucky Bay.

Port Lincoln Anglers Club

Eight members attended the club’s dry land casting event at Wangary Oval on Sunday, December 3.

The overall winner of the day was Ian Chamberlain; runner-up was Allan Stagg.

Accuracy: winner: Leon Paterson with 129 points; runner-up: Allan Stagg with 121 points.

Two-ounce distance: winner: John Peters, longest cast 143.20m; runner-up: Ian Chamberlain, longest cast 141.41m.

Four-ounce distance: winner: John Peters, longest cast 152.92m; runner-up: Ian Chamberlain, longest cast 143.59m.

Artificial bait: winner: John Peters, longest cast 129.05m; runner-up: Ian Chamberlain, longest cast 123.43m.