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LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to billie.harrison@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

Humans are our worst enemy

I read with interest (Opinion on page 10, Port Lincoln Times, November 28) the segment, as follows; ‘The human population will reach at least 10 billion and mass migration to avoid extremes of environmental change will continue’. 

I have no intention of entering into an argument about climate change, other than to say ‘it has been happening for billions of years and will continue! 

What I do find absolutely mind boggling is the predicted number of humans on this small planet (10 billion). 

Then elsewhere I read that children are dying from starvation at an alarming rate of some thousands per week. 

Then another article will tell us of the absolute luxury, greed and dominance in which many nation leaders and their families wallow while the children of their oppressed nation/s are dying around them like flies.

But what I don’t hear or read is of one single person standing up and saying “What species would allow the births of so many infants when it is almost certain that they will die of starvation before their fifth birthday”? 

What nation? What species? Could or would allow such a catastrophic and worsening disgrace to take place? 

Well the answer is “the human race”. 

How pathetic of the so-called nation leaders, the politicians, the religious hierarchy, the human rights activists, who collectively sit on their populist and historically out of date and out of touch backsides and are oblivious to this self-inflicted human disaster because it is the God-given right of all people to reproduce.

What brought about the destruction of the dinosaurs is unsure. 

What will bring about the destruction of the human race is an absolute certainty – the human race itself.



The true meaning of Christmas

With all of life’s distractions, we sometimes forget the true meaning of Christmas.

When we are caught up buying presents and over indulging in food, Christmas can be a time when we often forget what really matters.

But bad experiences and misfortunes can culminate at Christmas time, which means for vulnerable and marginalised Australians, Christmas can be the hardest time of the year.

For the Salvos it’s our busiest period, with more than 300,000 families and individuals seeking assistance.

We give out more than 500,000 gifts and toys, and serve over 10,000 meals to those who don’t have the means to celebrate Christmas. 

We can only meet this need because year after year Australians come together and stand by those doing it tough.

This, I believe, is the true meaning of Christmas. 

So this holiday season let’s remember those going it alone.

By donating $29 to The Salvation Army's Christmas Appeal, you can help put a present under the tree and food on the table, bringing hope where it’s needed most.


National Secretary for Communications  

The Salvation Army

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