Perfection is in the details for Line & Label

An exquisite new restaurant has been warmly received by the Port Lincoln community and by foodies throughout South Australia.

The Line & Label is the name of the new enterprise, which was opened last month at the Port Lincoln winery owned by prominent local businessman Peter Teakle.

The world-class restaurant has been billed as “a gathering place to celebrate the region’s finest local produce”, and is being touted as the latest drawcard in the region’s growing luxury tourism sector. 

The restaurant will aim to showcase the best produce from the Eyre Peninsula through creative lunch and dinner menus. They will of course also feature local wines, as well as a few choice favorites from associated wineries across the state.

It has been a long road to last month’s venue opening, which was previously known as Delacolline Winery, saw two years of rebranding, rebuilding and redevelopment by Peter Teakle, his Executive Assistant and Events Manager Diana Williams and their team. Diana said that the redevelopment could not have been completed without the support of many generous people.

“As a team we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to every single person who contributed in some way to creating this masterpiece, that proudly overlooks this town we now all call home,” she said.

“We could not have had this dream become reality if it wasn’t for all of you… and we want you to know how appreciative we are for the skill, the dedication and the commitment you showed to ensure that every detail was finished with perfection.”

The end result of those minuscule details is a stunning build, with a restaurant that features 2.7km of hand-cut American oak to form the ceiling and 19,403 pieces of bluestone for the walls and floor, including a floor-to-ceiling fireplace.

“We don’t want to single anyone out, but we must sincerely thank Kym Clarke and his team of extraordinary craftsmen especially,” Peter said.

“They hand built our venue with pure commitment that stands out from the rest, and we know this venue will stand the test of time.”

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Almost two years of perseverance and planning has led to the opening of The Line & Label.

After local businessman Peter Teakle acquired the winery that was previously known as Delacolline Estate, there was an inital push to establish Peter Teakle Wines as a leader in vineyard production and innovation.

As such it was initially the vineyards of the property that were the priority, with Peter and his team injecting not only significant capital to improve the production of the vines, but also passion and commitment to ensure he was able to produce the best fruit so quality wines could be enjoyed in years to come.

Plans for re-developing the restaurant took time, but the end result is what people can enjoy today. That is a hand crafted venue, that proudly boasts of over 40 local businesses being involved in its creation.

Peter and his executive assistant Diana Williams made an initial commitment that everything that could be sourced, built and crafted locally, was.

This led to over 19,403 stones being hand placed on garden beds, fireplaces and feature walls. 2.7km of American Oak hand cut pieces have been placed in the ceiling to create a soulful and acoustically brilliant venue. 

The deck and verandah that overlooks Boston Bay, Winters’ Hill and the vineyard were all crafted by a talented group of local tradesmen who should be so proud of this masterpiece they have created. The magnificent bar top is over 7m long and features a Mabu piece of wood that has been lacquered 11 times, the backlit feature wine rack, the hand crafted ceilings and bench seats were all part of the vision.

Importantly, the much loved gardens of former owners Maxine and Ian Fletcher were honoured, cared for and nurtured. Now a proud orchard of almost 400 trees, 40 garden beds and sprawling lawns now take pride of place alongside a manicured vineyard that Peter, Diana and their team all believe would make both Ian and Maxine proud that their legacy lives on.

The garden beds and orchard on site will provide much of the restaurant’s fruit and veg, as well as growing such rare ingredients as horseradish and wasabi.