‘If I Can’ in Cummins

INSPIRE: Inspirational speaker and farmer Chris Koch, who has no arms or legs, spoke to Victorian students in June 2017.
INSPIRE: Inspirational speaker and farmer Chris Koch, who has no arms or legs, spoke to Victorian students in June 2017.

Canadian inspirational speaker and farmer Chris Koch will visit Cummins on Friday, January 12, to talk about his experiences in life, including being a farmer who has no arms or legs.

Mr Koch was born without arms and legs, and said his family did not treat his “disability” as a tragedy, but tried to make the best of the situation.

He said he grew up like “any other small-town kid”, and played road hockey and baseball with other children his age.

Mr Koch has traveled the world sharing his story – “If I Can” – and said his talk would be light, fun and full of laughs.

“If a guy with no arms and legs can snowboard, really, anybody is capable of anything,” Mr Koch said.

“I’m more afraid of regret than failure.”

Mr Koch said people should not worry about things they had no control over and instead focus on things they could control.

He said he had chosen to make the most of his life despite having no arms and legs.

“The brain is the strongest muscle we have in our bodies but it can also be the biggest obstacle,” Mr Koch said.

“I don’t want to sit around feeling sorry for myself.

“Get out, live life, and experience (the world).”

Landmark Cummins Ag Services sales and service manager Mark Dickinson said he saw Mr Koch speak while he was on a business trip in America and thought he would be “bloody good to have in Cummins”.

He said Mr Koch’s talk would be good for the community, which had dealt with a bad harvest and “a few tragedies” in recent years.

Mr Dickinson had dinner with Mr Koch and asked him to come to Cummins if he was ever in Australia, and Mr Koch told him he would be in the country over the summer to visit friends and family.

Mr Dickinson worked with Empowering Lower Eyre co-vice chairperson Emma Gale to bring Mr Koch to Cummins.

Mrs Gale said Mr Koch’s main message was “one of being inspired”.

“Everyone can get dragged down by everyday life,” Mrs Gale said.

“Chris has the ability to overcome everything...(having no arms and legs) is completely normal for him.

“It sends a positive message to everyone, nothing is too big, and there are no obstacles that you can’t get past with the support from others.”

Mr Koch is looking forward to deep sea fishing and shark cage diving while he is on Eyre Peninsula.

The free event will be at Cummins Hall, 46 Railway Terrace on Friday, January 12. Doors open at 6pm, and a bus will run from Coffin Bay to Cummins.

Pick up will be at 5.45pm opposite the post office to reach the event at 6.30.

RSVP to Emma Gale on 0415 490 060.