Players feel the heat

OUT: Roadrunners' Jess Jolly takes a catch against Squaws in the A grade.

OUT: Roadrunners' Jess Jolly takes a catch against Squaws in the A grade.


EVEN the heat could not deter these eager beavers from battling it out on the diamond. As temperatures soared and the winds picked up so did the players.


Shields def Rebels 31-4

Eight runs started the Shields A grade batters off strong with Liza Dela Cruz sending an amazing home run hit out to centrefield and Jodi Bellchambers getting to third on a hit to right field and safe hits to most batters.

It was a short stint batting for Rebels with quick outs from Shields’ infield.

Balls were popped out to the outfield in Shields’ second bat with two-base hits from Luka Woods and Stacey Smith assisting their team to gather six runs.

Rebels’ next bat had batters hitting, crossing one run home as catches were made and side away.

Top of the third innings and Shields’ score grew by eight with errors in the field, safe hits and Heather Lawson knocking out a wonderful home run.

One run was scored for Rebels’ second bat with some batters patiently waiting in the box, as three outs were caught returning players to the field.

Fourth bat for Shields saw nine runs scored with Zoey Muller hitting a double-bagger to left field and all players having safe hits around the diamond.

Rebels’ final bat was short with Shields carrying out a double play to end the game.

Best at bat: Shields: Luka Woods (four from six), PJ Weisz (four from five); Rebels: Nicole Linsell (one from one), Shannen Hearne (one from three). Best in field: Shields: Luka Woods (two outs, three assists), Stacey Smith (two outs); Rebels: Shannen Hearne (one out, three assists), Nicole Linsell (two outs).

Roadrunners def Squaws 11-0

It was a quick first go in the batter’s box for Squaws with three batters out in quick succession.

Roadrunners’ premier batting skills were on display in their first bat with four scored as Jaclyn Hage hit a double-bagger and Jess Jolly hit a stellar home run.

Top of the second innings and again three batters up and out with Roadies’ star pitcher Jess Jolly making two of the three outs.

Two runs were added to Roadies tally with fast legs getting runners around the diamond before Squaws made the outs.

Roadrunners’ infield proved too good for Squaws’ batters with balls fielded and three quick outs returning players to field.

A short bat for Roadies also with no runs scored.

The fourth bat was almost identical for Squaws with three up and out with outs made around the diamond.

Roadies had similar plays for their fourth bat with three quick outs returning batters to bench.

The fifth bat had more batters swinging for Squaws and a safe hit for Kayla Perry.

Two runs were crossed for Roadrunners with hits scattered around the field. Jennie-Lee Te Wano caught two of the three outs at shortstop.

Top of the sixth innings had balls flying into opened gloves for Squaws’ batters with no runs scored.

Roadrunners’ score grew by three with Amelia Rusden smashing a three-bagger to centrefield, pushing runners around the diamond.

Seventh and final bat for Squaws saw hits but fast-thinking plays made the outs. Roadies had a short final dig with Alana Jantke catching two of the three outs and time called.

Best at bat: Roadrunners: Amelia Rusden (two from four); Squaws: Kayla Perry (one from two). Best in field: Roadrunners: Airlie O’Brien (two outs, three assist), Jess Jolly (three strikeouts, one out, four assists); Squaws: Alana Jantke (five outs, two assists), Jennie-Lee Te Wano (four outs, two assists).


Shields def Rebels 8-3

First in the batter’s box was the Tiger ladies, opening their scorebook with five with safe hits and patient batting.

Stacey Smith smashed a wonderful home run to centrefield, before Rebels’ pitcher Tiarnie Edwards struck out two batters.

Rebels scored one run in their first bat with Stephanie Perry hitting a stand up double as Shields’ pitcher, Tara Welsh chucked down two strikeouts for side away.

Second bat for Shields and no runs scored with tight fielding by Rebels’ infield paying off.

Rebels’ batters hit straight to the open gloves of the Shields infield with no runs scored in their next bat.

Top of the third innings was short for Shields as Rebels’ Tiarnie Edwards assisted in one out, struck out the next then took a spectacular catch for the third. Much the same in Rebels’ next bat with three quick outs.

Three runs were scored by Shields with Heather Lawson pelting a double-bagger.

The Blue and Whites crossed one home in the bottom of the fourth with a couple of safe hits as shortstop Stacey Smith executed a textbook double play to second.

Last bat for Shields had batters hitting hard with two catches and no runs scored.

Rebels last crack at bat crossed one run home with hits made as outs were made and a final tricky catch from youngster Porscha Shepperd at first ended the game.

Best at bat: Shields: Heather Lawson (three from four), Stacey Smith (one from three); Rebels: Tiarnie Edwards (two from two), Stephanie Perry (two from three). Best in field: Shields: Tara Welsh (four strikeouts, one out), Stacey Smith (one out, six assists); Rebels: Tiarnie Edwards (three strikeouts, three outs, one assist), Nicole Linsell (five outs).

Roadrunners def Squaws 28-7

Squaws were first to bat, opening their tally with two as hits were unable to break through Roadies infielders. 

Six runs opened Roadies’ day with patient batting and a stand-up double to Molly Rusden. 

Top of the second innings had Squaws hitting balls but unable to cross home.

It was the Milly and Molly Show (Morton and Rusden for those playing at home) for Roadies’ second bat with both hitting sensational left field home runs helping their runners around the diamond as they scored 10.

Third bat had Squaws earn two runs for their score book with big hitter Kayla Perry belting out a three-bagger to right field and outs made by the infield.

Roadrunners crossed five in the bottom of the third innings as Mia French hit a double-bagger and safe hits all around.

One run was scored for Squaws in the fourth bat with tidy outs by Roadrunners’ infield. Roadrunners were held at one run with Claire Norsworthy making two of the three outs.

Fifth and final innings opened with softball veteran Kerry-Anne Simes smashing a stellar left field home run, followed by Claire Norsworthy hitting a double-bagger and two runs scored.

Roadrunners swelled their score by six runs in their final bat as unstoppable Milly Morton hit another left field home run and double-base hits from Tanya Habner and Mia French helped runners around the bases.

Best at bat: Roadrunners: Milly Morton (four from five including two homeruns), Amy O’Leary (four from five); Squaws: Claire Norsworthy (two from two), Livina Kerley and Kerry-Anne Simes (both one from one). Best in field: Roadrunners: Tanya Habner (one strikeout, two outs, two assists), Mia French (one out one assist); Squaws: Claire Norsworthy (three outs), Sharon Kemp (one out, one assist).


Shields forfeited to Rebels

Roadrunners def Squaws 13-3

The Red and White juniors were first up in the batter’s box but unable to break through Roadrunners’ rested infield with superstar pitcher Airlie O’Brien striking out two batters.

Roadies came out swinging in their first bat opening their tally with the maximum seven runs with Airlie O’Brien hitting a stand-up double and Kahsha Judge having a safe hit.

Top of the second innings was brief for Squaws’ batters with three up and out in quick succession as balls were hit and outs made.

Four runs were added to the Roadies’ score with fast legs and a corker of a home run to left field from Airlie O’Brien before Squaws’ reliable pitcher Anna Te Wano struck out two batters and side away.

Three runs were earned by Squaws in their third bat with Becky Kemp and Shadya having a safe hits.

It was double trouble as unstoppable sisters Skye and Airlie O’Brien both had safe hits and crossed home in the bottom of the third innings as their team-mate struggled to get onto bases as Anna Te Wano barrelled down the strikes adding three more strikeouts to her statistics.

A fourth innings was started with Squaws’ Becky Kemp hitting a double-bagger and four runs scored before time in game called and scores reverted.

Best at bat: Roadrunners: Airlie O’Brien (three from three), Skye O’Brien (two from three); Squaws: Becky Kemp (two from three), Shadya Kerley (one from three). Best in field: Roadrunners: Airlie O’Brien (four strikeouts, one out, one assist), Kahsha Judge (one out, one assist); Squaws: Anna Te Wano (five strikeouts, one out, four assists).