Cummins artist joins big names at Tumby festival

STREET ART: James Pedler in front of one of his murals, at Hair Razorz in Cummins.
STREET ART: James Pedler in front of one of his murals, at Hair Razorz in Cummins.

An art teacher at Cummins Area School aims to help change people’s perceptions of street art with his involvement in the Colour Tumby Street Art Festival.

The festival, which will take place in Tumby Bay between April 20 and 22, will involve seven artists creating murals across the township, including local art teacher James Pedler.

The artist will join well known street artists including Smug, George Rose and Adnate.

Mr Pedler said late last year the idea was brought up by Colour Tumby about him joining the festival, which started by him joining as a committee member.

“It started off with them talking about the silos and hearing I was half interested … they then asked me to join the committee,” he said.

Mr Pedler said he had been spray painting for five years but mostly on canvas with only a small number done on walls.

These include at Hair Razors in Cummins, at Cummins Area School and most recently Boston Bean in Port Lincoln.


Mr Pedler said he was excited about helping to raise the profile of street art and to work alongside well known artists, especially Adnate with the two artists to paint on a couple of walls on the old library building.

“He’d (Adnate) be one of the reasons I picked up a spray can,” he said.

“I think it’s amazing for our district to have artists of that caliber painting the walls.

“A lot of people have a negative image of street art … this is a great way to get it out to the masses and dispel some of the stereotypes around street art.”

Mr Pedler said hopefully the festival would grow from here and more local artists could get involved in the future.

Street Art Committee member Paul Stoddard said having Mr Pedler involved was great for the festival and for encouraging local artists and those interested in street art to get involved.

“I think this year will be very important to show to people this is not graffiti …  it truly is art,” he said.