Shave a show of support

Summer and Cherie Kruger

Summer and Cherie Kruger

AFTER a family member was diagnosed with myeloid leukaemia, Summer Kruger, who will be 12 next week, decided she wanted to take part in the World’s Greatest Shave to raise money for blood cancer research and show her support. 

When Summer told her mother, Cherie, that she wanted to raise money by shaving her head, Mrs Kruger decided to join as well.

The pair are part of a national emerging trend among girls, with more and more signing up to go bald for the Leukaemia Foundation each year.

Traditionally the event is dominated by men, however in 2018 the gender balance has tipped in favour of females with over 2350 girls under the age of 24 already getting sponsored to be brave and shave.

Mrs Kruger said it was her daughter who encouraged her to sign up for the shave.

“Summer said it was something she really wanted to do and I had thought about it before, as my sister did it a few years ago so I decided I would shave as well, to support Summer,” Mrs Kruger said. 

Summer said she was “very nervous” about shaving her head.

She said she had told some of her school friends she was doing the World’s Greatest Shave and they were all keen to see how short she shaved her hair.

“It’s really nerve-racking,” Summer said.

She said her and her mother would be shaving down to a number two or three.

Summer said it was special to be able to do the shave with her mum and would be lost without her help and support. 

“If I was doing it by myself I wouldn’t know what to do, it’s nice to have support,” Summer said.

So far the ‘Dream Team’ have raised more than $1000 and still have a couple of fundraisers to come.

Mrs Kruger said the community and local businesses had been really supportive.

“Fundraising did start off a bit slow but it is going really well now,” she said.

“We have had a lot of help from Sean McGuinness who has been collecting donations and vouchers for our raffle, and Poppy and Cotton are donating $1 for every chrysanthemum they sell up until the shave.”

The mother-daughter team will shave their hair off on March 11 at Beer Garden Brewing and will be joined on the day by staff members from Boston Bay Family Health Practice who will chalk their hair purple.

Mrs Kruger said doing the shave was “pretty emotional” and she was proud of Summer for wanting to participate. 

She said she thought it was “completely brave” of Summer to commit to shaving off her hair.

“The whole experience has been pretty amazing really.

“You tend to put yourself in their shoes, this is just our way of showing support,” she said. 

To donate, head to, click ‘sponsor’ and search for Cherie Kruger.