Renovations to century old church ‘for the community’

About $20,000 worth of renovations have been undertaken at the Big Swamp Church over the last fortnight thanks to a donation from an estate.

Renovations included fixing inside and outside walls, strengthening the foundations, re-pointing the masonry and replacing some stones.

Big Swamp Community Centre volunteer and church co-lessee Ken Pobke said more renovations were needed and the centre had submitted grant applications for extra support.

He said the renovations, which started at the end of February, were undertaken for the community.

Mr Pobke said numerous types of events could take place in the church, such as meetings, birthdays, weddings, band practice and Sunday school or church.

Mr Pobke said the recent renovations, the first of which started four years ago, were able to be undertaken due to a donation from an estate.

Mr Pobke said two tradesmen and seven volunteers had helped with the renovations.