Letters to the editor

Kangaroos a danger

Recently my wife and I holidayed at Coffin Bay.

One early morning, while heading out to go fishing my car was struck by a kangaroo near the corner of Hurrell Street and The Esplanade in Coffin Bay.

The front of the car received damage and I had to pay $400 excess on my insurance policy. This is no problem until…

The next day I drove into Hurrell street to find there are mobs of kangaroos up and down the street and plenty of evidence that local people are feeding these wild animals daily!

Now, if these animals are responsible for the damage they should pay or if the council is fully aware of the situation and have done insufficient, they should pay.

Either way it would be nice to get my money back and to find something has been done about it.

At the very least the feeding should stop. It is a short distance to a popular caravan park and very soon it might well be that these mobs of kangaroos will cause more damage or even injury, as there are some quite big animals.

Fair enough that one is hit by the occasional wild kangaroo but not by someone’s wild pet.

I look forward to the answer as to who is responsible.


Hazelwood Park

WARM WELCOME: A recent cruise ship passenger was pleased with the welcome from Port Lincoln mayor Bruce Green. Picture: Wendy Smith

WARM WELCOME: A recent cruise ship passenger was pleased with the welcome from Port Lincoln mayor Bruce Green. Picture: Wendy Smith

A warm welcome for cruise passengers

What a comforting surprise it was to have volunteers to help visitors into your town of Port Lincoln.

As I came down from the ship P&O Pacific Eden on Thursday, February 22, firstly I was greeted by the mayor Bruce Green who said he comes down to greet every passenger ship that comes in, and then the music of the band playing too.

As it was a misty type of early morning I know we all appreciated the welcome into your interesting city.

Thank you again to all the volunteers and bus drivers who gave up their day for us even though the weather was damp.

It made our time in Port Lincoln more memorable.



70 years of answering the call

Every March for 70 years, thousands of volunteers have made a wonderful contribution to our community during Red Cross Calling.

They have knocked on their neighbours’ doors, said g’day and their combined efforts have raised millions.

All of that effort has gone a long way, allowing Red Cross to help where we’re needed most; from fires to floods, reducing suffering, while keeping people safe, secure and connected.

So many extraordinary volunteers here in South Australia have also gone the extra mile – not just raising money but also reaching out to their neighbours, asking how they’re going and checking on their wellbeing.

Red Cross Calling is more than a fundraiser – it gives us a reason to connect and volunteer for the sake of our community.

Research shows that volunteering and helping in our neighbourhoods helps us live happier, longer lives.

I would like to send a massive thanks to all those thousands of schools, businesses, community organisations and individuals who’ve answered the call over the years. 

These volunteers make Australia a special place to live.

This year we aim to double the number of volunteers in South Australia. Will you be one of them?

Join the fun today: redcrosscalling.org.au or call 1800 RED CROSS.


Australian Red Cross South Australian director